Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Interview with Big Data and Analytics Solutions Professional Amar Naik

With Social Media and advent of technology lot of data is being produced by individuals, lot of them leave traces of information in the browsers, facebook updates, blogs, Lot of data is flowing in print media and television media as well, This has lead to a new domain Big Data And Analytics which provide insights to organizations about what consumers are thinking about their product, where on the earth their business coan do more better  etc,   I am stopping her and handover to  Amar Naik who is working as a Data Analytics Manager with Mu-sigma.

Tell us about you in few lines ?

I am a Computer engineering graduate with an MBA from IIM lucknow. I presently work in Mu Sigma, which is a leading provider of Big Data and analytics solutions for Fortune 500 organizations

I am working as a delivery manager of a team at Mu-Sigma. I believe in managing but it is also important to have hands-on experience. Getting hands dirty by coding is what I like.  Solving different problems along with some of the best people in analytics industry is what I am enjoying these days.

About your profession in few lines job responsibilities, lifestyle, overview etc

This video at the link below should give you an idea about life at musigma

Career Prospectus of a Analytics Professional 

1. Career Growth  : 7 /10

2. Job Satisfaction  : 8/10

3. Challenge : 8/10

4. Stress and pressure: 8/10

5. Respect and Fame in society : 7/10

6. Family life : 7/10

Things you like about your profession ?

  1. Solving challenging problem for clients
  2. Good learning curve
  3. innovation culture that drives me
  4. helps me to be financially independent
  5. -Good growth curve

Things you dont like about your profession ?

I do not believe in cribbing. If I did not like my profession, I would have quit it by now :D

Working hours of a Analytics Manager ?

working day starts at 9.30am. The end time depends on satisfactory output that I manage to achieve with my team on any given day. do not worry. we all enjoy our life in and post work.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours

This is a need based situation. there are days when I do it.

work location & job availabilty for Analytics professionals  in different countries?

Analytics is a field in demand across the world.

please explain us typically, how a career graph of Analytics professional will be ?

Depends upon the company and your performance. In my present company we get good challenges and exposure which very few companies in the industry offer. If you are looking for challenging work in analytics space then do come to Mu Sigma. Average salary of Data Analyst is motivating.

skills or qualities required for this job skill set & personality traits

Willingness to work hard is important. Companies will not only assess your academic ability or aptitude but also your whole personality. Check this video on how Mu Sigma accesses a candidate

Your suggestion to aspirants who want to choose Data Analytics as a profession ?

what they need to sacrifice and what they get

1. Be clear on what you want.

2. You cannot get everything in life. It is important that you get a balance between reality and dream

3. Before you crib remember there are many people who fight for the same role or think about those people who are below you. Looking always above you will not give you peace. I feel it is important to strike a balance. Find a solution to your problem or quit

4.It is your life and there is only one. Take a decision and stand by it. Do not do something for which you will have to repent later or you feel I could have done this another way.

How to become a Data Analytics Manager?

For experienced people : bachelors or masters in engineering, business or economics or MBA are welcome. others if you feel you have the right knack for it they give a shot at the rigorous recruitment process. the open feedback process will teach you a lot even if you cannot wear a Mu-Sigma tag

Name 5 top Analytics Firms across the Globe ?

There are many analytics companies today. Besides most IT companies have also started their own analytics wing. based on your interest just search the companies before you apply/join them.

Contact Details

Email id: amar.r.naik@gmail.com

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amarnaik

Career teacher thanks Amar Naik for his valuable time and insightful informartion about the profession Data Analytics