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Subhadip Mukherjee talks about Career in Web and IT Application Development

Subhadip Mukherjee is a Web Application Development manager  by profession and photographer by passion, he is going to explain us about this profession, how he manages to maintain work life balance , interview with him will help students understand what will their life will be like if he chooses to take up Web Application development as a profession.

Tell us about you in few lines ?

School was a mixed bag of emotions for me since my father had a transferable job so we shifted from one place to another. I have studied in around five different schools. Did my graduation from Calcutta University and my Masters in Computer Application from Manipal University.

I was introduced to the world of computers in 1989 and since then I knew that its got to be my friend for life. 1995 when Internet first came to India I was lucky enough to have an Internet connection in my home at my disposal and a world of opportunities opened up. I love the web and web designing to be specific. By 1999 I was developing websites for various clients and at that time there were very few with this knowledge. 

Unfortunately there was this great dot com bubble burst and everything web fell apart. Not too many companies were investing in web portal but I decided to stick on since I was more or less convinced that web would be the future sooner or later.

In 2005 I joined Apeejay Oxford Bookstore as their Web Designer. This company basically is into retailing of Books, CD/DVD and Stationery products. Oxford Bookstore also has an online division which mainly takes care of its e retailing part.

How did you become a Web Application Developer ?

Right after finishing my education in 2004 I joined an IT company but my stint over there did not last much longer but then I was lucky enough to join Oxford Bookstore as the Web Designer. Oxford Bookstore started their e business quite early in 2001 and somehow hang on despite the market scenario. By 2005 - 2006 web was back in business and several small e-retailers started its business in India. Slowly the Indian population started shopping online and thus started a new revolution of e business in India.

By 2008 my organization decided to migrate its ERP from a custom developed application to a much sophisticated SAP IS Retail since it understood that in order to expand it needs its foundation right. It was during this time that my company asked me to play a key role in ERP migration, thus a new chapter in my life started as a Project Management specialist.

Post migration my responsibility shifted to maintenance and management of the ERP on a day to day basis. Another vital responsibility would be to maintain the MDM (Master Data Management) in SAP which is a critical aspect of maintaining a clean high performing ERP.

I like to maintain a good balance between work and family. To do this I usually plan my work for the day in the morning and usually I come to office and hour earlier than the rest so that I get a head start. Usually I avoid taking work home but for very critical work which requires urgent attention I finish them up by staying a bit late which is better than coming home and getting back to your laptop.

Overall book retailing is a nice environment where you can enjoy being among knowledge and still can maintain a sane lifestyle.

Advantages of being a Web Application Developer?

1) Challenge to explore new avenues to make day to day process easier and simplified.

2) You can contribute to cross verticals and your contribution to each department will be well acknowledged

3) People love books and I have not met anyone till date who do not like them, so its good to be in a profession where you get respect from every quarter.

4) It has a huge potential and you can make it happen so the better I perform the better my organization performs thus indirectly it make my growth better

Cons of being a Web Application Developer?

Brick and Mortar retail is facing a stiff competition for E Retail companies so change is the need of the hour for its survival into the next decade. Thus the entire business is going through a sea change and you need to adopt fast.

working hours of Web Application Developer?

Mon - Fri = 9.30 AM - 06.00 PM
Sat = 9.30 AM - 01.00 PM
Sundays = Holiday

However if you are working at the store you will have shift work.

Do Web Application Developer work even after working hours 

After office I usually devote to increase my own knowledge. Usually I read about some new technologies or pen down my Blog. I love photography so during the weekends its usually a shoot with my friends.

Work location & job availability in different countries for a web Application Developer

Metro Cities in India, good opportunities in Europe and America (N).

please explain us typically, how a career graph of a Web Application Developer will be 
( 2yrs,5yrs,10 yrs, 20 yrs and 30 yrs) in terms of designation and pay 

Average 13.5 % salary hike every year since 2004

2005 - Web Designer
2007 - Senior Web Developer
2010 - Assistant Manager Web and IT Application
2014 - Same designation but reporting directly to group CTO

Skills or qualities required to become Web Application Develpoer?

People Management, ITIL, MCA, Process Management, ERP Management, Eager to learn and implement etc.

your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get ?

Sacrifice your short term goals and get a long term future with a solid foundation

how to become Web Application Developer?

Retail Experience, E Business Experience and certification in Retail Management can help.

Name 5 top companies in your profession 

  1. Crossword
  2. Landmark
  3. Starmark
  4. Amazon
  5. Barnes and Noble

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Career Teacher thanks Subhadip Mukherjee for contributing his valuable time and wisdom, If you are also passionate about your profession please tell us about your profession and Be a Role Model