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Manasi Joshi talks about taking up Physiotherapy as a Career in India

Most of us can relate physiotherapy with sports, As Sports persons have muscular impairments and they need help of physiotherapists to revive life in body parts which are impaired. If you are interested to choose Physiotherapy as a career?? We have some one special to guide you about this profession, Manasi Joshi is a Physiotherapist and a writer. Let us know about this profession in her own words

Tell us about you in few lines ?

I currently work at a physiotherapy clinic called Physiohealth at Khar in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I am a physiotherapist and a writer both. I graduated from D.E.S college of physiotherapy, Pune, last year.  
I did a post graduate course in Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy by Manual Concepts at Curtin University, Australia. I am also certified in neuromuscular dry needling and sports taping which are some treatment options in physiotherapy. 

I have been blogging since the last five years. A upcoming novel and an online writing course is in the pipeline.

About your profession in few lines job responsibilities, lifestyle, overview etc

Physiotherapy is a branch of medical field which requires patience and commitment along with an ability to do hard work and use your brains.

A person can also do a masters in physiotherapy in India. Various branches like orthpaedic(musculoskeletal) , neurophysiotherapy, cardio-respiratory physiotherapy and community health physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy are available. 

A physiotherapist is basically involved in rehabilitation of a patient. A surgeon may add years to the life of a person but only a physiotherapist can add life to those years! It is a form of drug- less therapy where patients are treated with the help of exercises and electrical modalities.

Career Aspects of a Physiotherapist 

Career Growth -  ok
Job Satisfaction - high
Challenge-  high
stress and pressure- stressful
Respect and Fame in society- moderate
Family life  - when I am at home, I don't think about work

Things you like about your profession 

1. Helping and treating others is the best thing about physiotherapy, just like any other medical profession.
2. It gives a detailed view on how human body works and how we can get better with exercise.
3. No invasive treatment options like surgery
4. No emergencies as such.

Things you don't like about your profession

1. In India physiotherapy is still a growing field and there are many misconceptions about it.
2. Payment is not as good for a physiotherapist as it should be.
3. Other medical fraternity do not co-operate with physios sometimes since they are not aware about the importance of the field.

working hours of a Physiotherapist in India?

Working hours can be full time or part time. Usually a full time physiotherapist works at least 7 to 8 hours either at a hospital or at a clinic.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours

I work part time as a physiotherapist and the rest of the time is dedicated to writing.

Work location & job availability in different countries for a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy has a tremendous scope outside India in countries like United States and Australia. Many good masters degree courses available abroad. The pay scale is exceptionally good over there.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of Physiotherapist will be in terms of designation and pay ?

The career graph is good provided you stick to it. If you plan to earn from physiotherapy, give a few years after graduation to gain work experience by working in hospitals or clinics.You can do your masters or a PhD if you want to study further. Later on you can set up your own clinic from which income is good.
It is just like any other medical profession I guess. Start is slow but graph will never go down since it's the health and medical sector. You cannot avoid disease can you? 

Skills or Qualities required to become a Physiotherapist?

You need to have courage to enter a medical profession. if you are interested in treating sports players physiotherapy is a good option. Dealing with various diseases and ailments is not easy. It requires a lot of courage. If you feel "yuck" after seeing a dead body, probably physiotherapy isn't for you. You also require a lot of patience and dedication.Spending four and a half years studying isn't every one's cup of tea.

Good communication skills and ability to multitask is also a must have in terms of physiotherapy.

Your suggestion to aspirants who want to become physiotherapist, what they need to sacrifice and what they get ?

You need to sacrifice time. Studying to become a physiotherapist isn't easy. You have to attend college lectures and visit hospitals even when you are studying. So as a student, most of times you spend your entire week at your college and the remaining time you end up doing your assignments or studying!

How to become a physiotherapist?

Professional physiotherapy is a four and half year course in India.
Four years of Study and six months of Internship.
Rest all those short courses are just a sham and totally fake. 

Name 5 top companies in your profession Sancheti College of Physiotherapy. 

D.E.S College of Physiotherapy.
Physiohealth clinic, teaching and research institute.
K.E.M Hospital
Many hospitals like Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai or Sahyadri Hospital in Pune have good physiotherapy set up.

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Career Teacher thanks Manasi Joshi for her valuable time and advice