Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Career options after passing class 10

For a student, the most crucial time is when he passes his first big hurdle of examinations – the 10th standard one. Career comes in a juncture at that time and often a student falls in a dilemma whether to continue his studies or will join elsewhere for a job. Both has their own points and taking the right decision at the right time is truly an important task. This is not an easy job especially when it is all about the future of a 16 years old boy or girl. 

To determine the future career, one must explore all the available options. He must create a roadmap of every possible option along with its pros and cons. In such cases, the SWOT analysis do come useful. He can even take help of professional counsellors, can visit many education and job fairs to get relevant knowledge. Obviously, there are manifold options after passing class 10th standard and one need to choose the best as per his desire, plan and dream. 

Educational Options

The first thing that comes naturally to 10th exam is the preparation for the 12th standard. A student can take admission in the following streams as per his interest and marks scored:
  1. Arts or Humanities
  2. Commerce 
  3. Science with Mathematics or Biology

Based on the chosen stream, one should make necessary preparation like collecting information about the best college, relevant good books and qualified teachers. Choosing the best and suitable stream among those three are also very much vital as it will shape his career accordingly. 

Diploma Engineering Curriculum

This is a good option for those students who want to pursue his career in the technical field. The minimum eligibility to sit for entrance examination for Diploma level joint entrance examination is class 10th standard pass. SO, one can easily sit for the exam, choose a stream and study for 3 years. After 3 years, they have the luxury to join the Graduate Engineers batch by lateral entry and then Masters also. This is a great opportunity for any student who has a bit of technical bend of mind. There are several streams like Civil. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Computer Science, etc. The future prospect is also fine and one can find suitable job opening after completion of every level. These students can shape their career in a great way if they wish to be a future engineer. 

ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Course

After passing out of 10th standard, one can think of joining in any ITI where he can learn the basics of engineering part. Although ITI is regarded as in the lower level of Diploma Engineers, but there remains ample job opportunities. Yes, the jobs offered are not of very high salary, but if started at that level, one can easily grow to the next level quite easily. The ITI’s are under Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India and provide a unified curriculum within a state. 

Job Opening
If the mindset is to work immediately and also if the situation demands such due to any reason, then one can think of joining in service. In this way, he can earn some money and if he wishes, he can even continue his studies by some other modes. 

Here are some of the options of service after passing Class 10th standard:

Indian Army – This is one of the coveted jobs for many youths. In fact, students remain focused to join in the Indian Army to fight for his own country, to save from any other external attacks. There are several examinations used to happen for recruitment in Indian Army and after successful completion of both Written Test as well as the Practical one, a student is being inducted as a member of Indian Army. 

Indian Navy – If one wants to work as Sailor, Dock Yard Apprentice or even as Artificer Apprentices, then Indian Navy is the best option for him. 

Police – CRPF usually recruits constables who have passed minimum 10th standard and one can plan to join there accordingly. 

Staff Selection Commission – Every year, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) usually conducts written examination as well as the interview for short-listed students. If one clears all the barriers, a Government job is on the cards. 

So, there are ample options in terms of higher studies of job and one has to take such decision after passing the 10th standard examination. In both the cases, the future is bright and if successful, then procuring a job will be the easiest task.