Sunday, March 29, 2015

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List of Surprisingly High Paying Careers in India

As a Student you are dreaming of landing at a high paying job while you are still in India close to your family and friends, Most of us do not realise there are different career options available in India which pay you handsomely. Even in sheer global economic pressure, still there are many high paying careers still available in India. Check out some of those career options listed below, 


1. Marine Engineers are highly paid.

Marine engineering and naval architecture is not only adventurous careers but also high paying. A marine engineer or naval architect may earn up to 30. Lakhs per annum. Based on experience and locations, the salary goes higher. Same is true for a naval architect, even in some cases, they earn more than marine engineers.

2. Mathematicians surprisingly Earn more

Many students don’t like mathematics as a subject. However, a mathematician may earn up to 22.38 lakhs in a year! A mathematician may work on various industries other than academics, like tax, finance etc. In any case, mathematicians can earn a high salary.  

3. Chartered Accountant 

A chartered accountant can earn up to 24 lakhs in a year. Based on experience and expertise, the earning is likely to rise. It takes a lots of hard work to become a chartered accountant, but the career is rewarding, So CA makes it to the list of high paying careers.

4. Management 

Career in management is a common dream today. Other than providing a white collar corporate job, career is management is very rewarding. There is no upper bar in earning in this career. On average, a management professional may earn up to 25 lakhs per annum. 

5. Banking and Finance 

Banking and finance is a lucrative career option today. There are various public and private sector banks and there are many career option in this industry. Same in true for finance industry. A person in banking and finance industry may earn up to 15 lakhs per annum. 

6. Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is another industry in India that offers high paying jobs. A person with good skills, expertise and experience may earn up to 20 lakhs per annum. 

7. Medical 

In medical and medicine industry, doctors earn high and that is a well-known fact, but there are other related careers in medicine and paramedical domains. Day by day, those domains are also offering lucrative packages. A reputed doctor may earn up to 70 lakhs per year. 

8. IAS, IPS, IFS and IES 

IAS, IPS, IFS and IES are considered to the highest level of jobs in India. Cracking UPSC and becoming and IAS/ IPS/ IFS/ IES is not a smooth journey. But this career option is highly rewarding in terms of money, fame and satisfaction. The basic pay of cabinet secretary (IAS) is 90,000 INR. Other than that there will be many other Allowances like DA,TA etc. 

9. Orthodontics 

This is an emerging high paying career option…… an orthodontics may earn up to 12 lakhs per year. An orthodontist may earn from 30,000 INR per month to 1 lakh per month. 

10. Information Technology 

Career in information technology fluctuates frequently. However, this is a rewarding career option. Income in IT industry vary largely. One can earn from 10,000 INR per month to 1 lakh per month. Experience, expertise etc. are key player in this industry. 

Most of the information are collected from job sites, surveys etc. and these are likely to change over time. However, these information will surely give an idea about the high paying careers in India.