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Career as a Counseling Psychologist, Kavita Panyam shares her views !!

Dreaming of becoming Counseling psychologist ? curious to know how a career as a counseling psychologist will be like? what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages? Many more questions and no one to answer !! Don't worry we have the right personality with us today to clear all your doubts, Below is the interview with Kavita Panyam a Counseling Psychologist by profession who shares everything about this career. She is also a contirbutor to Magazines like infinithoughts and Lifepositive.

Kavita Panyam
Tell us about you in few lines 
I am a counseling Psychologist, with a post graduate degree in psychology with specialization in counseling. I have taken some courses in professional counseling from Christian counseling centre, Vellore. I have also taken some courses In alternate healing therapies like, Reiki, EFT, Healing with crystals etc. I have my own website, where I write articles on various topics, snippets on daily life, psychological problems faced by people, real life stories etc. This website aims to help people overcome their dependence on negativity. I do online counseling as well as over mails.

How is a Day in life of Counseling Physcologist

Counseling is a profession, wherein one needs to be able to connect with people spontaneously. One needs to be a good listener with immense patience to hear out a client, which is the most important part here. The approach, as to how you handle each case rests solely on how you perceive things. For, this, you need to have a balanced approach towards life. Your responsibility lies in guiding the client in the right direction which is amicable in nature. Taking decisions for the client is not the way. They Need to be guided to make the decisions on their own.

Counseling Psychologist Career Outlook
Career Growth  : Career growth differs from person to person. If you have your own practice and if you   put in a couple of years of good work, you are sure to be successful.

Job Satisfaction : As this is about helping people, it's highly satisfying, It gives you a nice feeling to help      people in times of their distress.

Challenge : high

stress and pressure : Stress and pressure is maximum in this field as a lot of stories are circulating in your mind at any given point of time. You need to create a balance between your personal and  professional life. Meditate and relax on weekends. cultivate hobbies etc to avoid burnout.

Respect and Fame in society : If you have your own practice and if you put in a couple of years of  good work, you are sure to be successful with name and fame.

Family life : Family life will be good provided you balance work and home. It is important, to not draw  
parallels between your cases and home. One tends to conform to examples. This creates frictions at home.
While helping others, take care not to add to yours.

Advantages of being a Counselling Psychologist

  1. This is a respectable profession.
  2. Very satisfying.
  3. Interesting.
  4. Each case is unique, which keeps you engrossed.

Disadvanatges of being a Counselling Psychologist

You need to release the accumulated thoughts from time to time, in order to function well.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some cases cannot be concluded. accept it, as it's each one's karma, ultimately.

Working hours of a Counselling psychologist

As I am self employed, I choose my hours of work.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours
I work on my website after I am done with the days cases.

work location & job availability in different countries
Hospitals, clinics, schools and colleges are some places where you could work. Most companies hire a psychologist, these days.

please explain us typically, how a career graph of a Counselling psychologist will be 
This totally depends on you.

skills or qualities required to become a Counselling psychologist
Pleasing personality, patience, soft nature, ability to relate to people, a good listener, unbiased emotions are some of them.

Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get
Time is the most important thing, you will need to sacrifice. Space in your mind, too, as you will be listening to a lot of stuff. You need to be balanced and not take it personally or draw examples from your own life. Keep your personal life away from work, always.

How to become a Counseling psychologist

After graduation with psychology as one of your subjects. You may take up masters in Psychology with counseling as your specialization. You could take the entrance examinations from different universities across India and abroad. In India three years of graduation with psychology as one of your subjects will make you eligible for masters in psychology. Christian counseling centre in Vellore offers many courses in counseling. There are others too.

Name 5 top companies in your profession
There are many hospitals, schools, clinics and colleges where you could work. No such data about top companies.

Contact Details
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Facebook handle:  Kavita T Panyam

Career Teacher Thanks Kavita Panyam for her valuable time and highly useful insights on counseling psychologist career.