Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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Debunking 5 Misconceptions about Working as a Teacher

Teaching is one profession that almost every individual takes for granted. So, you couldn’t complete a PhD? Become a teacher.I have a number of teachers in my family to know that this line of work is no walk in the park. It is a profession that encompasses your life from August – May and sometimes even June and July.

For many teachers, teaching is not a burden or a stress – it is now their way of life. The constant worrying and anticipation about planning lessons or handling a struggling child can get pretty exciting in the long run.
There are several misconceptions about teaching jobs. Here is exposing some common few:

1. Anyone can do it

Whoever came up with this has a lot to learn. It’s simple to point fingers and say – if you can’t do something, teach. Just to rattle your cages a little, teaching is a profession that requires astute focus, passion, and determination. Like any other line of work, it too is in a constant requirement of change and evolution.

As a teacher you will be expected to change and modify your daily strategies while implementing the latest learning methodologies in a classroom. To put it briefly, teaching is an inspired “art work”. It requires teachers to ensure that students are learning to the best of their abilities in innovative, new, and creative ways.

2. Teachers play favourites

The fact of the matter is that every student needs to be dealt with in a different manner. The learning situation is different for every child. What is misconstrued as favouritism is simply a bid on the part of the teacher to provide encouragement as per the temperament of the child. No two children are the same and stark is the difference between their handling strategies.

A teacher might come across as biased or partial in a classroom, but experience has taught us that despite this ideology, every student learns to their fullest potential at the termination of a school year.

3. They only care about marks

This is the biggest fallacy ever. No teacher cares about the grades you get. All they are interested in is imparting quality information that helps you grow as an individual in real life. This does not mean that you score a zero and expect the teacher to applaud openly. In reality, teachers care about marks as it drives their instruction.

Grading or scoring is a means to understand the mental capacity of a student. In case you fall short in grasping a particular concept, regular assessments can ensure that teachers rework lessons to meet student requirements. This is all part of the bigger picture which is established to make every student “college and career ready”.

4. “Teaching” is the sole responsibility

It is unbelievable that some people think that a teacher’s sole responsibility is to impart knowledge and nothing else. For most people, their professional hat includes nurse, counselor, teacher, friend, hygienist, and nutritionist. Teachers care for the whole child. This includes feeding them lunch and ensuring they have clean clothes on.

Teachers can never replace parents, yes, but most of them care enough to help a child in need while expanding their thinking and learning.

5. They have it easy

Teachers do not call it a day at 3 pm, which is what is publicized globally. Most of them get up before 8 am and are hard at work till 6 pm. Not to mention all that extra time that goes in grading papers or checking homework over the weekends. Also, there is no summer-break for a teacher! This is the time when they are expected to conduct summer schools, complete online courses for professional development, tutor the at-risk students, or research new ideas and lesson plans for the next school year.

The aforementioned fallacies are nothing but a glimpse of the long list of misconceptions that people have gathered through word of mouth. Teachers are respected and persecuted at the same time. Their work demands them to stay on their toes (literally and otherwise), delve into a child’s mental faculties, and work against all adversity.

Rest assured, when you see your student with merits and laurels he so deserves, with a knowledge base fanned under your tutelage, the feeling of pride is simply unmatched. Be fearless and just go with it.

Author Bio: Tina Jindal is a professional content writer who works on a variety of topics like employment, real estate, and education. A career advisor for, she has been involved with renowned publications as well. You can contact her @Gmail | LinkedIn | Google+