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Interview with Shri. D. Venkateswarlu , Shares his insights about Career in Teaching

Facebook is amazing because this is where I got my childhood friends, school friends and even my school teachers back, One among our school teachers is Shri. D. Venkateswarlu sir, We used to call him D.V.Lu Sir. I am really excited today to take his interview, He has varied experience and has worked in different countries and seen different Education Systems. His experience will be of great importance all who are interested to take up teaching as a career choice... All the best - continue reading 

Tell us about you in few lines 
I am Donkada Venkateswarlu, I have 30 years of teaching experience in the field of Social Sciences in India and abroad. I am a trained graduate teacher with certificate course in child counselling.

About your profession in few lines 
Not only teaching,organised number of international exhibitions to promote universal brotherhood and international understanding among school children. I was the House Master, cultural in-charge and model assembly and numerous other programs to my list

Career in Teaching Profession 

Career Growth  : moderate 3/5
Job Satisfaction  : high 5/5
Challenge : challenging 4/5
stress and pressure: cool job.
Respect and Fame in society: high
Family life :Enough time and leaves to have family life

Things you like about your profession 
Interaction with different age groups make us to understand the attitude of people as the basic temperament of child reflected on later life.

Things you don't like about your profession
I like everything in our profession- but feel the correction work and maintaining records as per the government norms is very tiresome and they are necessary evils. I feel it so because, quality time of teachers are conjured up in this coco phony of maintaining records.

Working hours , Holidays , days a week etc no of hours, flexibility etc
Its all good. but I used to make the extra holidays to plan activities for children when the school re-opens.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours
most of the time- as corrections and preparing notes of lessons use to stretch beyond our school working hours also.

work location & job availability in different countries
yes, vast opportunities for good teachers who are below the middle age group. it does not require high qualifications, but it requires basic qualification as per the post applied and at the same time with very good skills.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of a graduate teacher will be?
the career graph of a teacher will be first 5 years almost nil as it provides strong foundations of teaching, and then the rise will be very fast.

Skills or qualities required for this job skill set & personality traits
excellent communication skills coupled with pleasing and positive personality with child centred approach will give a good prospects.

Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get
deserve and desire. develop your skills first and try to over come weaknesses.  The society looks at a teacher with high expectations and they feel a teacher is a saint.don't disappoint such society and students and the rest they take care of you.

how to get into your profession educational qualification, no of years of experience, certifications required if any and colleges or institutes which offer the certification Degree 

Degree in Education is the basic requirement and post graduation will add to your advantage.

Educational Institutions you have worked for?
  1. Zinc Smelter Senior Secondary School,
  2. visakhapatnam,Kakatiya Public School,Visakhapatnam, 
  3. Al-Yamin International School, Riyadh ( saudi Arabia), 
  4. United Ed.,Bangkok( Thailand),
  5. Xin Xiang Medical University and Jiangxi Medical University (China), 
  6. Ideal Indian School,Doha(Qatar) 
  7. Consultant  to Educare (2003-2006), putalisadak, Kathmandu (Nepal)
Shri. D. Venkateswarlu has garnered Universal Recognition for promoting principles of peace and non- violence.
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Career Teacher Thanks Shri. D. Venkateswarlu for sparing his vauable time and sharing his insightful Experiences