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Dr.Kiran Acharya Shares , What it means to be a Dentist in India !

Did you ever dreamt of becoming a Doctor, Then you should consider a Career as a Dental Doctor, Thanks to Qadbury's dairy milk, Domino's Pizza,, And many more foods which are posing a risk to dental health and hygiene. Dental Doctors are on demand now, As most of the people are now consulting a Dentist not only for Diagnosis but also for Cosmetic Treatments too, So to throw light on Career as a Dentist, Today we have Dr. Kiran Acharya. 

Tell us about you in few lines 
I have done my Bachelors of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) from the prestigious Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai. I’m a private clinician, hence my job covers all phases of diagnosis, and preventive and curative treatment. It ranges from managing patients to providing treatments including Scaling, root canal treatments, cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, fixed partial and complete prosthesis, conservative fillings, and extractions.

Every patient presents with a different case and problems, so no dreary routine. Besides, I get to interact with people from different fields and strata in society. I get to increase the confidence of the people by modifying their smile, and boosting their self esteem. The best part is I can smile knowing that I have given others a reason to smile.

About your profession in few lines 
Dentistry can be stressful due to unpredictable working hours. Besides, most of our work is done, sitting on the chair and can result in back problems. However, this can be overcome by maintaining good working postures. You have to deal with people and listen to their problems, it can be exhausting after a long period.

We need to have an active lifestyle including some daily exercise regime, and some hobby as a stress-buster. For me reading, and writing always worked towards relieving the stress.Many of us neglect their health, and realize its importance after some problems surface.

Dentistry is an art and science, so it satisfies your scientific passion as well as creativity.

Career Summary of a Dentist

Career Growth :    good (3/5)
Job Satisfaction:    high (5/5)
Challenge:   high (5/5)
stress and pressure : moderate stress (3/5)
Respect and Fame in society:  high (5/5)
Family life:  work life balance is good (5/5)

Things you like about your profession 
  1. Immense job satisfaction: There is no greater happiness, than relieving the patient of his pain and discomfort.
  2. Outflow for creativity: For e.g. I get to design smiles, and modify the patient’s looks to increase his confidence. 
  3. No boring routine.
  4. Respect in society: I’ve observed, that people who earlier considered you a mere child develop a healthy respect for your opinion once, you are dentist.

Things you don't like about your profession
  1. You have to work way beyond your working hours, and until you finish the last patient waiting.
  2. Sometimes, it can be stressful.
  3. People have the tendency to associate dentistry with money, and feel the only reason anyone becomes a dentist is for material consideration.
Working hours of a Dentist in India?
You can fix your own working hours, that is as far as flexibility goes. Once you fix your working hours, you can’t change them.Since, holidays are the time people find more time to visit dentists, holidays are the busiest time for us. I know many dentists who work on Sundays(though only mornings) too. Though most of the dentists work from Monday - Saturday.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours
Even though we have fixed working hours,the working hours frequently get extended because we have to consider every patient waiting in the reception, even new patients without prior appointments.

Work location & job availability in different countries
As far as India is considered, dentistry has good scope. If you are planning to work abroad, it depends on the countries. In Australia, England and many middle east countries, to work as a dentist, you’ll have to clear some exams. In USA, you cannot work as a clinician unless you have a US dental degree (DDS).

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of a Dentist in India will be?
As a dentist, your career graph starts from rock bottom. However, the good news is, after that it increases steadily. As your experiences increases so does your career, and financial status.

Skills or qualities required to become a Dentist ?
  1. For becoming a dentist, you need to have genuine interest in science. In this field, you cannot afford to mug up for exams, and forget later on. You need to remember most of the things throughout your life.
  2. Secondly, it’s an art too. So, you’ll have to do lot of carving, cutting and finishing. You need dexterity, and a lot of hard work.
  3. You should not be squeamish, you have to work in the patient’s mouth, and deal with blood, and sometimes, vomit.
  4. You need patience, good people interaction skills, and be a great listener.
Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get?
The only sacrifice you need to make is of your time. When in college you’ll spend most of your time on studies, on patients, or in the lab. Afterwards, you’ll spend most of the time working on the patients. It isn’t much of a sacrifice when you consider the satisfaction and respect you earn, and of course, economic gain too, if you are into material considerations.

How to become a Dentist ?

In India, to become a dentist you have to earn the B.D.S degree. Every state has a medical entrance test after 12th, which includes admission to dental colleges. The entrance tests consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology tests. There is also an All India test based on the similar subjects. Some private colleges have separate medical entrance tests.

Institutes which offer the Degree in Dental Sciences

There are many government and private colleges which offer the B.D.S degree. B.D.S is a 4+1 year course which includes 4 years of college, and 1 year internship. After that, there is a post graduate course M.D.S, in case you are interested in specialized dentistry, research, or academics.

Name 5 top companies in your profession
Most of the students aspiring to become a dentist prefer private practice. However, if you prefer a job, you can get attached to any hospital as a dentist. There are also many dental chains, and corporate dental clinics like Ceramco Dental clinic, Dentzz Dental...

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