Monday, December 8, 2014

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Lets know about Career in Career Counselling from Priti Mehta

Are you good at Motivating Students , Have enough patience to explain something again and again?? Then I think you may like to choose a career in student counselling, which is a upcoming career option in India, To discuss about this we have today Priti Mehta who works as Career Counsellor, her job is to counsel students about career options available all over the world. Come lets see through the career of a Career Counsellor.

Tell us about you in few lines 
I hold a B.Sc. Degree in Textile Designing from the famous Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara, Gujarat. I have 9+ years of work experience in the field of education wherein i have been a student counselor advising them about career options in India and abroad. I have worked with IDP as a senior USA and Canada counselor and now I am Head - Overseas Student Services and Overseas Business Development Manager at Pathway Overseas Services - part of the multi-conglomerate Pathway Group.

About your profession in few lines job responsibilities, lifestyle etc
My career has taken shape on its own over the past decade, being academically from the field of Textile Designing and having the longest tenure in the education field can only be explained as destiny. I handle student counselling process, counselor training and development and am responsible for developing and maintaining industry relations in India and overseas.

Career of a Career Counsellor in India

  1. Career Growth : sluggish and slow
  2. Job Satisfaction : high
  3. Challenge: high
  4. stress and pressure : stressful
  5. Respect and Fame in society: high
  6. Family life: when I am at home, I dont think about work
Things you like about working as a Career Counsellor?
I like being the friend, philosopher and guide to my students. I feel I am a good counselor and the years of experience have proven so. I like the admiration and love i get from my students which shows in their gratitude even long after they have left the country for their journey abroad. I also like the fact that I'm in a noble profession wherein there is very little guidance available. The reverence one gets is unparalleled.

Things you don't like about your profession?
Education in India is an unorganized sector and my role is not something that everybody understands. counselling of various kinds - career, family, psychological or even life skills is still in its nascent stages in India. So, there's confusion at times in people's minds as to understand what exactly is that I do, but there's nothing i don't like about my profession; it chose me and I love it!

Working hours of a Career Counsellor in India?
I work regular 9.30 - 6.30 Mon - Sat. Like any other private sector job.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours?

Work location & job availabilty in different countries?
Lots of scope in metro cities in India and abroad, whenever I choose to move out of my city Vadodara, I know I will have avenues open as education is a field of work which will always give me job prospects.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph will be ?
I can't say as payscales are not so good in the education sector so far, hope things will change soon.

Skills or qualities required to become a Career Counsellor?
Good understanding of human values, patience, empathy, the need to give and the almost irrepressible urge to be the guiding light. Personality traits are difficult to pin-point but I always had the personality which attracted friends and students alike to feel comfortable confiding in, perhaps because I'm not judgemental.

Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get?
Don't sacrifice anything, be a better manager of your time.

How to get into your profession ?
Professional certifications are there for those aiming at govt. and more prime institutions, however, this is a profession in which one grows with experience.

Name 5 top companies in your profession
The British Council and IDP India, USIEF are few institutions that provide free career guidance to students wishing to study abroad.

Please provide your contact details?
Email id : 
Mobile no- +91- 9898524723 
I'm available on LinkedIn too, feel free to add me.