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Interview with Sriram Ramaswamy, Team Lead in Reasearch at Wipro

Are you inquisitive? Are you good at case studies? Are you good at starting with zero on google search about a specific topic and become a scholar at the end of the day? All these are required if you want to work in The Field of Business and Market Research / Analytics . That means literally you will have the opportunity to be a part of the Business strategies and Marketing techniques of Some of the Companies or industries.

Sounds interesting, Yeah of course very less people will be fortunate to advise a Company like Colgate to sell The tooth paste in Pouches or tubes, This is just a small example. And whats the fun If a Person like me who has half knowledge about Business and Market Research will talk more on the subject , So without any further delay, I will introduce you to Sriram Ramaswamy who is working with Wipro as Team Lead- Business and Market Research.

Tell us about you in few lines 
I am a commerce graduate working n in the field of research and analysis where we study companies, industries and government policy to simplify the understandings for clients. I currently work with Wipro Technologies and help the company with the research function to help them target business accordingly.

About your profession in few lines
(job responsibilities and lifestyle of  Business and Market Analyst)
When one begins ones career in this field its a lot of leg work as well as a lot of study. Primary and secondary research are the 2 aspects of research. As one grows, the responsibility may change and you are expected to have developed the confidence and skills for the job.

Career of a Business & Market Research Analyst?

Career Growth   - good (4/5)
Job Satisfaction   - high (5/5)
Challenge -           high (5/5)
stress and pressure- moderate stress (4/5)
Respect and Fame in society - high (5/5)
Family life & work life balance -  good (4/5)

What do you think are Good Things about being a Business & Market Research Analyst? 
  1. Respect
  2. Freedom to work from anywhere
  3. Increasing market opportunities
What are the things you probably don't like about your profession?
You never really shut off from the job fully as the knowledge needs to be constantly upgraded. You tend to keep your brain constantly on with no real downtime. If you do let yourself switch off, the moment you are back on the job, the entire chunk of information needs to be digested.

Working hours of a Business Analyst ?
Typically this is a 40 hour 5 day week job but that changes when you have a customer delivery or a direct presentation with the client and can extend up to 80 hours a week too but this is only for a short period. Mental fatigue is to be watched out for as it takes a toll on the physical body and the quality of output too.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours?
Most of the time the job is to keep looking for the most pertinent information. Due to this you tend to keep curating information every moment you read the news paper or watch the news and this could be considered as taking your job home by many. Over time you tend to get into a habit of classifying information as necessary or unnecessary and that makes it easier.

Work location & job availability in different countries for a Business & Market Research Analyst?
There is no real need to be tied to a location in this job and one can be mobile but it depends on the organizational structure. The need for knowledge professionals is healthy all across the globe but with niches within the industry one has to decide what fits them the best.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of a  Business & Market Research Analyst?
2 years - Production
5  years- Team Lead & Subject Matter Expert
10 years -  Project Management & Client Handling

Skills or Qualities required to become a Business and Market Research Analyst?
English skills, verbal and written is of great importance in this industry. You must also know how to effectively exploit Google to find information. Personality traits that make you a good research analyst are inquisitiveness and hard work to be able to analyze a given situation and see what could possibly be the future consequence.

Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get ?
The first thing that one needs to sacrifice is lethargy. The field requires a constant upgrade of knowledge and that keeps the analysis to the point.One of the biggest payback from the field comes after one becomes a Subject Matter Expert (SME). You are respected for your opinions and there are opportunities to consult and earn much more than just a salary.

Qualifications required to become a Business & Market Research Analyst?
There are no fixed qualifications required to get into the field but the entry into this field is controlled by the knowledge that you have on various industries. Before taking the first step into the field, identify an industry and learn about it fully. This will give you an edge of controlling the interview else you will be asked about all the industries which is always a bad thing to happen when you are taking the first step.

Name 5 top companies in your profession?
KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and IMRB

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