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Career as a software programmer

Being a Software programmer takes out the guts in you!! The c or c++ in the college were like some alien languages for me, But its not the case with Kumar Bibek who is basically a Electrical Engineer but has keen interest on Technology which made him take up his career as a Software programmer ! And Of course what I have seen is real passionate people only grow up in software Industry, So let us explore every aspect of considering career as a Software programmes in Kumar Bibek's Own words.

Tell us about you in few lines 
Kumar Bibek
(educational background,experience, your Field of work, present company etc)
I am an electrical engineer, but I was interested in computers since my school days. I have been into programming since my engineering days. It's been more than 8 years now that I am in the Software industry, and I have never felt bored. Rather, my interest in coding and computers has only increased. 

For the last 5 years, I have been working more on the mobile related stuff, which I think is the next big thing. Well, it's already a hot technology, but I believe there's still a long way to go. Google Glass, Home Automation, Smart phones in your car, the future has a lot to see, and a lot of work is to be done.

I am currently working with a start up, pretty fresh, called Avaamo. It's been only a few weeks here.

About your profession in few lines 
(job responsibilities, lifestyle, overview etc)
Everyone knows, IT people work round the clock. Although that's the general perception, I believe, with a little effort, you can have a good work life balance as well. This is a fast paced industry, and everyone is in the race to get ahead of the market before others do. And it's also very easy to burn yourself out.

Maintaining a good lifestyle and taking care of yourself would obviously help you in the long run. But, I feel, many of us, for various reasons, tend to neglect this.

I, myself, realized this, a little late, and since then, I have tried to stick to a routine of work, workout and rest.

A Software Programmers Opinion on his Profession
Career Growthgood (4/5)
Job Satisfactionhigh (5/5)
Challengehigh (5/5)
stress and pressurecool job (5/5)
Respect and Fame in societymoderate (4/5)
Family lifenear to enough time (4/5)

Advantages of Being a Software programmer
  1. I love gadgets, electronics and technology. And I get to work with them often.
  2. Flexible working hours.
  3. Opportunities, in this profession, I feel is limitless, if you are really interested in this profession.
  4. Although, I personally don't like traveling much, it's fairly easy for someone to travel to a lot of places.
Disadvantages of Being a Software programmer

  1. You can be easily stressed sometimes, and if you don't take care of it, it would soon be a habit.
  2. IT jobs are only in demand in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and the likes. 
  3. And I hate the traffic which is a result of such a concentrated industry.

Working hours of a Software programmer  
Working hours: Well, normally, it's a 8-hour day job, but this usually gets extended for a few days in a month. I don't keep a track of it, but on an average, for me it would probably work out to about 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week I have always had the flexibility when I want to work. I would say, I have been a little fortunate to worked at such companies till date.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours?
I am supposed to be connected round the clock, since this is a fresh start up, and we just setup our office in Bangalore. Apart from the normal office hours, I do read a few emails and reply to them. However, if there's something really urgent, you obviously have to get it done.

Work location & job availability in different countries for Software programmers ?
As I already mentioned, IT related jobs are very concentrated today. If you are not from a metro in India, you will have to, in most circumstances be away from your home. I personally, don't like that.But, for others, who like to travel and visit places, there's just plenty of opportunities to go places.

please explain us typically, how a career graph of Software programmer will be

I am not sure about this. Neither I have thought about it in great detail.

Skills or qualities required to become a Software programmer?
To excel in this field, the only thing you need is a great desire for learning. This, to me, is the only skill that you would require. Technology changes very rapidly in this industry, and if you are behind the time, the competition will definitely kill you in no time.As for personality traits, it's no different than any other field.

Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get if they choose software programmer as their career?
The IT industry, in a way is a bit overrated. When I was in college, everyone wanted to be a software engineer, except for a very few. Although some jobs in this industry can be quite like that (say Facebook, Google etc.), the average programmer's job is not that interesting.

So, if you really want to be in this industry, you need to just work as hard as you can. But, at the same time, since there's a lot of stress involved, you need to take care of your health.

The only sacrifice probably you would be making is spending less time with your family. But as I said, if you can manage your time well, you can manage everything else as well.

How to become a software programmer ?
(educational qualification, no of years experience, certifications required)
The IT industry is probably the only industry which doesn't look at your educational qualifications much. If you can prove yourself to be the worth, you don't practically need anything else.However, that's not completely true. Landing up with a software job is quite difficult when you are just out of your college. Well, you could get a job easily, but it might not give you a good platform for the future.

Having said that, once you are in a job, consider it as just a starting step. From here onwards, your academic credentials won't help you much. It's your work that says about you and pays you.

Name 5 top companies in your profession

  1. - Google
  2. - Apple
  3. - Facebook
  4. - Amazon
  5. - Microsoft

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Career Teacher Thank Kumar Bibek for his valuable time and Suggestions, If you are also very much passionate about your prfoession come be a role model