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Interview with upcoming Fashion Blogger Pooja Jain

Most of you know that Blogging is a profession in which one shares his/her expertise in the form of articles and earns money through advertising revenue and affiliating etc.In a similar way there are some people who blog about Fashion, They are called Fashion Bloggers, Today we are presenting a interview with Fashion Blogger Pooja jain who who has completed her MBA and worked for some time in the Public Relations industry before she started her Fashion Blog www.acuriouscloset.com. This interview is a must read for all those who want to know how career as a Fashion Blogger would be like.

Tell us about you in few lines
I am Pooja Jain , A content developer and style blogger at www.acuriouscloset.com. I completed a two year MBA programme and subsequently worked in the PR industry. My experience as a PR professional has taught me that the importance of factual information, public opinion and marketing cannot be understated. Creating and delivering news in the form of articles and press releases has developed my writing skills. This collective knowledge help me as a blogger today. I write well researched compositions about current fashion trends and aim to provide useful information to my readers.

About your profession in few lines 
Being a style blogger is considered as a glamorous profession where you are invited to fashion shows and exclusive events, receive 'gifts' from luxury brands and wear gorgeous jaw-dropping outfits. Well, that happens to the top 1% fashion bloggers of the world who have spent years working very hard.

Realistically speaking, it takes about 2-3 years of continuous effort for any blog to be noticed. During this time, bloggers buy their own clothes, travel and cover events with their money, shoot and edit photographs/videos without professional help. Every blog thrives on social media. It is extremely important to have a strong fan base on platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Brands like to associate themselves with social influencers and that happens when you have a huge following.

I spend a majority of my time researching online, reading about latest trends, ideating about the next article, learning about social media marketing and keeping up with the fast paced industry. Developing informative and engaging content is of prime importance to me. Most fashion blogs are pictorial in nature, I try to incorporate interesting write-ups as well, that is my key differentiator.

Rate the following for a Fashion Blogger.
Career Growth  - 3/5
Job Satisfaction  - 5/5
Challenge - 5/5
Stress and pressure- cool job
Respect and Fame in society- 4/5
Family life & work life balance is good

Things you like about your profession 
  • Creative Freedom
  • Being the Influencer
  • Flexibility of work schedule
  • Attending informative events/ workshops
  • Continuous learning and development

Things you don't like about your profession
  • Slow growth rate
  • High dependency on social media platforms
  • Low monetary returns
  • Continuous pressure to generate engaging content

Working hours, holidays , days a week etc no of hours, flexibility etc
Their aren't any fixed working days or hours. I work on my own terms, it could be at 9 am in the morning or at midnight. There are no holidays, even if I travel, I note down important facts relevant to my blog, click pictures and use it later. After a point, it becomes a way of life. Everywhere you go, you look out for informative facts that may interest your readers and help you grow.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours
Like I said, there are no working hours for me, rather it is a way of life. I am engaged in job related work at all times, I read a lot, talk to people, attend events, ask for suggestions and feedbacks. An opportunity or inspiration could be found anywhere.

Work location & job availability in different countries for Fashion Bloggers
Currently, I am settled in London. The exposure is tremendous and opportunities are plenty. However, my reader base is from India. Hence, I try to incorporate facts that are relevant to my readers. As a blogger, it is very important to be aware of what your audience wants to read, what interests them and what is relevant. I try to blend high street brands and Indian fashion in order to give a comprehensive overview.That being said, you can work from any location, take inspiration from your surroundings but do not forget your audience.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of a Fashion Blogger will be ?
In terms of designation, you will always be known as a Style/Fashion blogger. What will change is the value of your designation and the subsequent financial returns.
  • I have recently started blogging and with my limited experience I can tell you that in 2 years not much will change.
  • 5 years of continuous effort will result in brand collaborations, income via advertisements and associations.
  • 10 years of hard work will result in a regular flow of monetary returns, increased value of your blog, invitations to luxury events and the perks. Time is of essence, the older your blog gets, more credibility it receives.

Skills or Qualities required to become a Fashion Blogger ?
  • Strong writing skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Patience
  • Interest in the fashion industry
  • Tech-savvy 
  • Knowledge about social media marketing
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes
Your suggestion to aspirants ,what they need to sacrifice and what they get ?
As and when you gain success, your blog will dominate your life. It is a not a 9 to 5 job, It is a living, breathing thriving organism. You will be on-the-go constantly, thinking of new ideas, observing everything with an intent to be inspired, being active on social media platforms and most importantly writing!

What you will get after the initial few years is recognition, job satisfaction, steady monetary income, status of being an influencer and plenty of opportunities.

How to become a Fashion Blogger ? 

Well, as long as you have an interest in a specific industry and strong writing skills, you can start a blog.
However, a degree in journalism, PR, Marketing, Mass-comm definitely helps.

Most start blogging as a hobby or a part time job, since there are no time restrictions or accountability of any kind. You learn, grow and adapt with time.

Name 5 top blogs in your profession
Today there are many influential fashion blogs, it depends on who's style you identify yourself with.

The 6 fashion blogs that I follow are:
  1. Fashiontoast by Rumi Neely
  2. The blonde salad by Chiara Ferragni
  3. Brooklyn blonde by Helena Glazer
  4. Kayture by Kristina Bazan
  5. Karla's Closet by Karla Deras
  6. FUSS by Rhea Gupte
Please provide your contact details 
Contact Email ID - acuriouscloset@gmail.com
Facebook Page - Our Facebook Page
Blog - www.acuriouscloset.com

Career Teacher Thanks pooja Jain for her invaluable suggestions and her valuable time