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Anita Shares what it means to be a Blogger or Freelance writer in India

Are you good at writing? Have you been appreciated for your essay writing skills in your school or college? Do you have the inclination towards reading a lot updating yourselves about the latest happenings and news? Then you may like to consider Freelance Writing & Blogging as your career. Though Freelance Writing & Blogging sounds very cool, it also has its ups and downs. To discuss the ups and downs with you, today we have Anita, who is highly passionate about Writing. Anita is highly qualified and quit her Software job to pursue her passion and her love i.e. Writing.

Her Writing skills have won her rewards praise and recognition. Her works are published in leading magazines and newspapers. Let us know about how a Career as a Blogger/Freelance Writer is in her own words.

Tell us about yourself in a few lines 
I am Anita. I have done BSc., MBA, PGDCA, MPA & MPhil. I am presently doing my PhD. I have more than five years work experience as a software professional and have worked in the field of software education, training, technical-writing & e-learning.I have done freelance writing too. I wrote about youth issues and special editions for The New Indian Express. Many of my articles, reviews, stories & poems have been published in many magazines & newspapers viz. Filmfare, Femina, Tinkle, The Sunday Observer, Magic Pot etc.

Now I am spending most of my time Blogging. Though I started my Blog 2 years ago in 2012, I have been Blogging seriously for more than a year now. Mine is a personal Blog. I write about many topics- Movies, Social Issues, Fiction, Poetry, Personal, Technology.... I am proud to have nearly 4 lakh page-views by now. I have won a couple of Blogging Awards too, the details of which are here- ,My Blog has made it to the list of the Top Indian Blogs of India 2013-14.

What do you think are the job responsibilities and lifestyle of a Blogger / Freelance Writer
Freelance Writers write on required topics and submit for print publications, and these days for online publications. Freelance Writers can create their own Blog or website & be free to express their ideas on any topic without seeking anyone’s approval for publication.

Blogging needs dedication, discipline, hard-work, attention to details and passion. One has to be responsible while stating facts and give credit to the sources. While for print-media publication, a Freelance Writer needs to establish contact with the concerned publication-house, Blogging too needs involvement and enthusiastic participation as it's also about building bonds with the Blogging community consisting of fellow-Bloggers around the world.

Career Growth of a Blogger /Freelance Writer
Depends on our work and popularity. Freelance Writers & Bloggers are much in demand these days. But, we have to be really good & establish ourselves first. Excellent quality work can ensure good growth and demand. Monetizing one’s blog can be helpful.

Job Satisfaction of a Blogger/Freelance Writer 
One will be satisfied, if one truly enjoys what one does. If Writing is your calling, then you’ll love it. But, then it also depends on what one is looking for... Pay or Feedback or satisfaction by inner expression?

Challenges of being a Blogger/Freelance Writer 
A Freelance Writer needs to write about the topics that are mostly dictated by the publishers, who state their requirement and topic. One has to communicate with media houses. Receiving payments for written-works and ensuring one’s work is not taken advantage of is a major challenge. 

As a Blogger, one is free to write as per one’s wish... One needs to be in contact with all, build trust, and have a good social media presence. Establishing oneself with good quality work is a serious challenge. Once one is popular, one is in demand. A Blogger has to be regularly updating her Blog and interacting. 

Stress and pressure of a Blogger/Freelance Writer 
Handling stress & pressure depends from person to person, but is true in all professions. Freelance Writers & Bloggers have to submit articles & posts by sticking to deadlines. It is required that they post about the events as soon as they get to attend. Fresh news and information is welcome and that builds the pressure. 
For me, it's a pleasure to Write & Blog, though I take great pains & put myself under stress & pressure!

Respect and Fame in society of a Blogger/Freelance Writer
From my personal experience, I feel I commanded more respect as a “Software Professional who had a high-paying job & went to office”. As a stay-at-home Blogger/Freelance Writer, that respect is certainly missing! But, people get envious when they learn of the perks of Blogging/Freelance Writing!

Not many in the world know about Blogging as it's emerging. Consider my elderly neighbours who feel I am wasting my time in front of my laptop at home (and earning nothing!) Outside the Blogging Network, respect & fame is far lesser :)

Family life of a Blogger/Freelance Writer 
It's up to us to maintain a healthy family life & work balance. The advantage is that we can pursue Blogging/Freelance Writing while staying at home and taking care of responsibilities at our time and pace.

Advantages of Being a Blogger/Freelance Writer

  1. Plan to work at own pace & time
  2. Stay at home with family
  3. Earn awards, respect, feedback, assignments etc.
  4. Employ challenges & creativity
  5. Earn worldwide readers, friends, network etc.
  6. Get info & invites to meets.
  7. Gain personal satisfaction as Writing is your calling
Disadvantages of Being a Blogger/Freelance Writer

  1. Hard-work may not get its due as a write-up may be ignored, both in print media & Blogging.
  2. Write-up may not earn the deserving recognition as it may not get printed or get printed in another’s name in case of Freelance Writing with print media.
  3. You make your ideas public & can't save them from getting copied. Worse, you may not know who is doing so...You may not earn anything when people get "inspired" by you! 
  4.  You may earn jealousy or get unfairly accused for plagiarism or copyright violations, though you are innocent or earn negative comments or feedback! 
  5. You have to keep updating your Blog & put great effort to write regularly. You may need to write about topics that do not interest you or “work” though you may rather enjoy! 
  6. You may develop Writing-mania or Blog-Mania, forgetting about your real-life as Blogging can get addictive! Beware! 
Working hours of a Blogger/Freelance Writer 
Flexibility & work hours depend on us! Bloggers & Freelance Writers do have to attend events and stick to requirements.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours? 

Yes, I have no fixed hours and have often sacrificed sleep to Blog!

Work location & job availability for Bloggers/Freelance Writers
Bloggers & Freelance Writers now have the Cyberspace with zero borders that’s accessible & acceptable to all worldwide! Assignments are available. One has to be dedicated, regular and build trust.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of Blogger/Freelance Writer will be
Depends on our dedication, hard-work, enthusiasm, discipline, popularity, networking... Fixed pay is an issue. It may vary from month to month and media-house to media-house. Experience and effort counts a lot. 

Skills or Qualities required to become a Blogger/Freelance writer

  1. Need to be a quick & good Learner
  2. Good English language & technical skills
  3.  Creativity & unique or humorous point of view 
  4. Photography skills are welcome
  5. Friendly, Sociable, Approachable, Networking skills
  6. Hard work, enthusiasm, talent...
  7. Attention to detail & observation skills
  8. Analytical thinking & quality presentation

Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get 

Points as above.

How to become a Blogger/Freelance Writer?
There is no age or education or language bar. Though one can write in any language, one has to have fundamentally strong language usage skills in the language one chooses to write in. Key is to be good and technically sound vis-a-vis expression. No one will read a poorly edited written-work with spelling & 
grammatical errors. Earn experience. One can be a better writer by writing more. Also, makes sense to read the contemporary work and learn. The more we write/Blog, the more we learn & improve. We can learn Blogging/Freelance Writing also. There are many online courses- free & chargeable available on the internet. 
Also, such workshops are conducted sometimes in one’s city. 

Contact Details of Anita


Twitter- @anitaexplorer

"NOTE- This topic is very vast & whatever I have shared here is mytop-of-mind recall & not my whole story! I have shared my honest opinions & points based on my personal experience and knowledge. Other Bloggers/Freelance Writers are entitled to & may share differentpoints of view... Personally I feel Blogging/Freelance Writing may betaken up as a part-time profession in addition to a regularwell-paying job."- Anita

Career Teacher thank Anita for her valuable time and suggestions, If you are passioante about your prfoession please tell us about your profession and be a role model