Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Air Hostess as a Career in India

Are you dreaming of becoming a Air Hostess?? I guessed it right that's why you are here to know more about Career as Air Hostess in India, Most of the young girls are highly fascinated to become Air Hostess due to the glamour and thrill involved in this profession, Most is talked about chance to go around the world , staying in 5 star hotels, meeting Celebrities, enjoying status and fame in the society But the Air Hostess profession also has its downsides (like any other profession) and are your ready for it.

Downsides include odd working hours, Pressure to cope with family life, Ability to manage stress, Ability to absorb criticism etc, Some women also complain about the problems they face with married life and the difficulty to balance about work and life. Of course every profession has its downsides, What I mean to say is One should consider positives and negatives of any profession before choosing it.

Most of us think Job responsibilities of  Air hostess are just to announce instructions, welcoming passengers, and serve food etc, But there are more to the list,,i.e Air Hostess are also be able to swim and help another passenger to get out of water if the flight lands in water, In case of fire they are supposed to fight with fire and in case of a terrorist attack they are supposed to brave and alert to save Passengers lives. So its really a challenging job. 

And know if you are ready to go ahead and take off the flight to become a Air Hostess, we are ready to walk with you to show the run way to become a Air Hostess.

Height : Most of the Airlines do not Accept women with height less than 5'2"

Weight: proportional to height,, which makes for a Pleasing Personality.

Smile : Great smile which is ever lasting.

Discipline : You need to exhibit high degree of discipline while you follow instructions.

Education : 10+2 is the basic with a diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management.

Age: It is generally 19-35 for most of the Airlines.

Passport: Passport is mandatory, So get yours now.

Marital Status : Unmarried women are preferred, though some airlines recruit married women also.

Salary : 30000 per month to as high as 70000 per month for a Fresher.

Languages: Should be fluent in Hindi and English, Knowledge of any other foreign language/s may be a added advantage.

After completion of 10+2 one can pursue Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and travel management from reputed institutes, it is normally a one year course and then try for a job with reputed Airlines in India or abroad, Som eo fthe institutues  offer certifications which are valid all over the world

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