Friday, December 13, 2013

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Career Options For Mechanical Engineers

Are you pursuing Mechanical Engineering or Are you planning to pursue Mechanical Engineering, No idea what are the career options available for you, , Of course it is a confusing stage of life in which you are looking for a good suggestion, You are at the right place now as The person writing this article (myself) is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with more than 10 years of professional Experience. 

One good thing is Mechanical Engineering is vast and job Opportunities are also more, But not all the jobs offer fast growth, It is upon you to choose wisely between high paying and lo paying jobs. Where ever you are in India, Mechanical Engineers have jobs, But the high paying jobs are mostly found in the regions where lot of Industrialization is there ( eg- Gujarat, Pune, Chhattisgarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Trichy, Orissa etc)

Let me detail you different Career Options for Mechanical Engineers in detail

Design & Engineering: 

Jobs in Design and Engineering are meant to jobs of brainy and Intellect, If you have the passion for Mechanical Engineering and have the curiosity you may fit to this job, Most of these jobs are with Consultancies which offer Design and Engineering to Clients (Companies like Relaince, Jindal, Tata which Build Big Companies and projects)

Training period may be difficult because, Freshers cannot perform much in this. Most of the companies offer jobs only to experienced people because a lot of expertise and experience is required to take decisions in the job.

Production Engineers: 

Production Engineer jobs are the jobs available in bulk because almost all the mechanical Industries require production engineers who monitor a product and expedite for faster and cost efficient production. For example, A company making Steel pipes The production Engineer is involved in having a check on the raw material present, condition of machines, tools and tackles availability etc . 

People with good communication Skills, Leadership Qualities and Ability to work with time constraints which involve tight deadlines are a good fit for these jobs, It is also worth mentioning that Engineers with this production Experience are most likely to become future Executive Directors and Managing Directors

Planning Engineers : 

Most of the Projects and Manufacturing plants which have tight deadlines to meet have planning Departments and Planning Engineers, Whose core job becomes co-ordination between Execution / Production Engineers and Design Department or Engineering Consultancy to resolve issues, Plan Milestones according to Management Decisions, Role of a Planning Engineer is vital, A knowledgeable Planning Engineers prove to be of great value to the company. 

Planning Engineers must have good idea and Technical Expertise of the job, It is important to have cross departmental knowledge, Very good interpersonal skills and also Great communication skills up to date with latest technology to use very good networking, collaboration and sharing information. 

Quality Engineers :

Requirement of Quality Engineers is gaining importance in India now, Quality Engineers job is to see if the said job is being done with respect to specified Standards and Codes, and the work is in compliance with the mutual agreement between the purchaser and Supplier or Between a Client and a Contractor. Quality Engineers are well paid and have a better lifestyle when compared to Execution or Production Engineers.

If you like going in detail and are good at taking decisions and a person with better judgement of right and Wrong with very good convincing or justifying capacity, You might be the right fit for a Quality Engineer Job. Generally most of the companies prefer hiring Candidates who possesses Quality Certifications One more good thing is it is easier to shift Fields and jobs in Quality domain. 

Maintainance Engineers:

Wherever a Production facility like Power Plant, Oil Plant, Process plants are there, There is a very big Maintenance Department, Because continuous running of machines require maintenance at frequent intervals, Maintenance Engineers job is to restore the Machineries in least possible time to reduce the losses resulting from shutdown of the machineries. So it can be a tough job sometimes, You may be required to attend your company at night 2 o clock. depending on urgency.

Most of the Companies prefer People with Manufacturing or Execution experience to recruit for Maintenance jobs. Maintenance jobs are not the most high paying jobs but are good at paying and offer good stability as one location means better family life and children's education.