Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Interview with Software Project Lead Padmaja Manjunath

Are you a Student pursuing Computer Science Engineering, Dreaming of a bright career in Software Industry,, Let us see what all Software world has to offer you. Let us ask Mrs. Padmaja Manjunath who is working as a Team Lead with Mind Tree Limited " A Software Company" . She has been working since 8 years in the IT Industry. Prior to joining the IT Industry she was a Electrical Engineering Graduate. To know her Opinions and suggestions lets go through her  Interview

Name Padmaja Manjunath

Working For : Mind Tree Ltd

Designation: Project Lead

Experience : 8 Years

CT: Tell us about you in few lines ?

This is Padmaja Manjunath with 8 Years of IT Experience, Starting my Career as a Trainee/Software engineer, Leading team and currently working as a Project Lead/Technical Lead in Mind tree Ltd.

CT: About your profession ( Software Project Lead) in few lines ?

My Current Responsibilities include:
1) Ensuring On-time Delivery
2) Offshore-Client Coordination
3) Designing Project Architecture
4) Helping Team in case of Technical Issues.

CT: Life Style and Growth of Software Project lead ?

Career Growth:  good
Job Satisfaction :       moderate
Challenge:          high
stress and pressure: moderate stress
Respect and Fame in society: moderate
Family life : work life balance is good

CT: Things you like about your profession as Software Project lead?

1) Work-Life Balance
2) Challenging Role

CT: Things you don't like about your profession ?

Because of work challenges and pressure at times i don't get time for my family

CT: Working hours, Holidays , Days a week etc no of hours, flexibility etc

8:30 AM to 6 PM. This varies with the Client and Project you would be working.

CT: Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours


CT: Work location & job availability in different countries

Currently i am working in Bangalore, Yes we do have plenty of opportunities in other countries

CT: Please explain us typically, how a career graph will be ( 2yrs,5yrs,10 yrs, 20 yrs and 30 yrs) in terms of designation and pay

It Varies....

CT: Skills or Qualities required to become a Software Project lead?

Need Good Technical Knowledge, Communication skills, Ready to travel if required.

CT: Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get

As there is a saying You need to sacrifice something to gain something.
At times if you love challenging roles you get less time for yourself or your family.

CT: How to a Software Project lead, Educational qualification, no of years experience, certifications required if any and colleges or institutes which offer the certification

Not Sure

CT: Name 5 top companies in your profession

Tech Mahindra
Wipro Technologies
Mindtree Ltd