Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Interview with Mr. Manoj Patkar, Senior Professional with Hospitality Industry

Manoj Patkar has 18 years of experience in various 5-star hotels across India, along with international tenures in Cyprus and Switzerland., Presently working as Head of The Department ( Food Production) with Appejay Institute of Hospitality. He has pursued BSC in Hotel Management and Catering Operations and MBA in Hospitality Management. In today's Interview HE throws light on Career as Hospitality Industry Faculty

CT: Tell Us About You? 
1. Name: Manoj Narayan Patkar 
2. Designation : Head Of The Department - Food Production
3. Educational Qualification: MBA in Hospitality Management
4. Working With : Apeejay Institute of Hospitality
5. Professional Experience : 18 years
6. Professional Development Programs from Cornell University, USA

CT: About Your Profession (HOD - Hospitality Industry) in Few Lines
Challenging 24 * 7 and Great Opportunity  to be a role model for youngsters which offers a Well balanced work & family life

CT:  Please explain about the following in single word ?
1. Career Growth : good (3/5)
2. Job Satisfaction  : high (5/5)
3. Challenge: high (5/5)
4. stress and pressure: moderate stress (4/5)
5. Respect and Fame in society: high (5/5)
6. Family life : work life balance is good (4/5)

CT: Things you like about Being a HOD of a Hospitality Institute?
1. Work Life Balance
2. 5 day work week
3. One gets time to write blogs & articles
4. Precious holidays & vacations.

CT: Things you don't like about your Profession ?
1.Poor salary
2.Thankless job
3. Less growth opportunities

CT: Tell us about working hours of a Faculty at Hospitality Institute ?
5 day work week, Fixed working hours, Public holidays and vacations

CT :DO you engage in Work related activities after working hours?  No

CT: Work Location and Job Availability for a Hospitality Faculty in Different Countries?
Navi Mumbai & Mumbai in India and lot of Opportunities in developed countries

CT: Please explain us typically,how career graph of a  person who is into teaching profession in Hospitality Industry ?
Let me explain my Career graph from now,, In terms of designation and pay, The next designation in store is that of a Vice Principal...ideally within the next 2 years.Chance to be a Principal after 5 years. along with Subsequent pay increment.

CT: Skills or qualities required to become a HOD of a Hospitality Institute?
1. Hands on experience
2. Cool headed
3. Ability to forgive and forget at all times

 CT: Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get
Sacrifice on salary but get peace of mind in return.

CT: How to become a Faculty in Hospitality Industry ?
1. Upgrade your educational qualifications
2. Be associated with the industry

CT: Name 5 top Organizations who Offer Hospitality Faculty jobs ?
1.OCLD - Delhi
2. WGSHA - Manipal
3. Taj IIHM Aurangabad
4. CAI - Hyderabad
5. IHM - Mumbai

CT: Your contact details, So that Students or interested new comers may contact you or follow you?
email id :

Career Teacher Thanks Manoj Narayan Patkar for his valuable time and Suggestions