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Interview with Mamta Sharma, Who works as an Independent Freelance writer

Before Introducing Ms. Mamta Sharma to you, I would like to tell you what is Freelance Writing? Freelance writing is a profession in which you are paid RS 100 to Rs 10,000 (depending on his / her popularity) for writing a 500 word article which may be published in newspaper, website or a book.

Mamta Sharma who started her career as a HR Assistant with Eureka Forbes is working as a Freelance writer who provide content for websites and companies as required. In the today's interview we are digging deep into Mamta Sharma's profession to know What career as a Freelance Writer have to offer you. Come let us understand the Freelance Writer's profession in her own words

Tell us about you in few lines 
Coming from a very humble family, I was blessed with a family atmosphere where education was considered to be the only source of survival that can inculcate human values into an individual. I earned PG Diploma in HR through correspondence from IGNOU while working as HR Assistant in Eureka Forbes. This work experience of 4+ years established my base as a grass root level employee who was strong enough to understand and survive in the corporate world without much hassle.

Then I worked as Editor for online US placement/legal firm for 2+ years but due to recession was laid off and started picking up freelancing projects of writing. Since than I have been working as freelance online content provider and have earned a good client base. During this period of more than 7 years I worked for various IT companies as full time and part time writer but could not adjust with my priorities and the compulsion to sit long hours in the work place. So decided to quite the job and started only picking freelance projects. 

My freelancing experience and knowledge encouraged me to start my own blog www.gudbe.com  I worked and still working for many companies but the subject of my choice was untouched as I have to work as per the requirement of clients. Just to write what I wish to write, I started this blog which shares tips how to lead a healthy, happy and successful life.I found stress, depression and pain everywhere. I thought probably my pieces would help some of them to redefine their goal and ambition in life and I would be able to help them leading a better and peaceful life. 

CT: About your profession (Freelance Writing ) in few lines 
As I said I worked for several companies but could never work under the typical format of 8-10 hours, hence I found solace in my freelancing projects that gave me the freedom to work on my own conditions.I belong to a middle lower class family where job means survival and cannot dream of sitting ideal for a day!

Taking leave is a luxury for me and holidays are far-fetched dream. Albeit, it is tough to lead such life but this life has strengthened my will power, dedication and a desire to survive and create a niche of my own in this competitive world. I was supported by several people and companies in this journey and I would like to express my gratitude for shaping my thoughts and perspective about life. 

CT: Rate The Following about your profession in single word ?
Career Growth : good ( 3/5)
Challenge: high (5/5)
stress and pressure:  moderate stress (4/5)
Respect and Fame in society: moderate (4/5)
Family life : near to enough time (3/5)

CT: Things you like about Freelance Writing as your profession ?
1.Freedom to work on my own condition.
2.Can put my 100 percent
3.Can take care of my family too along with my work.
4.I contribute to the betterment of society through my thoughts.

CT: Things you don't like about your profession ?
1.Compulsion to maintain consistency which often lacks due to family obligations.
2.Client often do not pay after taking services being freelancing projects where I work for clients I am not aware of and never met.
3.Irregular work flow that often disrupts my monthly budget.
4.It often leaves me sluggish while balance between personal and professional obligations.
5.Unprofessional approach of several clients towards freelance writers.

CT: working hours, holidays , days a week etc no of hours, flexibility etc of a Freelance Writer?
Irregular working hours that may span between 4 to 10 hours per day. Flexibility is mostly witnessed but may often have to complete the task within tight deadline too!

CT: Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours ?
No, I am a full time freelance inspirational blogger and content developer.

CT: Work location & job availability in different countries ?
In my profession if you are skilled and know how to earn projects, sky is the limit and there is no dearth of projects across the globe.

CT: Please explain us typically, how a career graph will be ( 2yrs,5yrs,10 yrs, 20 yrs and 30 yrs) in terms of designation and pay ?
Writing industry has multiple growth option available given your interest,choice, priority and potential. In the initial 5 years if you can work hard and learn to write for different formats and industries you can earn a decent income without looking for part time of full time opportunities.

In long run it depends upon you what you want to become in your writing career. You could be a published writer, online writer, business writer or even run your own content providing company. The options are many, it is you who have to decide which way to go!

CT: Skills or Qualities required to become a Freelance Writer ?
Knowledge of grammar, decent vocabulary, presentation skill, editing skill, proofing and summarizing the content.In terms of personal traits you need to have dedication for your work, good communication skill, leadership skill, team management and positive approach towards your work and life.

CT: Your suggestion to aspirants what they need to sacrifice and what they get ?
To get anything in this world you need to sacrifice something, and writing world is no exception. If you're good at writing there is huge market of customers! You need to find the right customer but ensure you have knocked the right door and be professional in your dealing by having all legal and documentary aspects ready to have a fair dealing. 

You may often need to sacrifice your personal life which will surely provide you with extra mileage in your career but balance between personal and professional life is of the essence that is also possible by wise decision and right decision.

CT: How to get into your profession educational qualification, no of years experience, certifications required if any and colleges or institutes which offer the certification ?
There is no fixed rule or guideline to become a writer. Anyone having good understanding of grammar, vocabulary and other aspects, as discussed earlier, can kick start his career as writer.For this there are various sites displaying the opportunities that are available online! You can also join some company to have basic writing skills and understand the opportunities available in this filed. 

Even graduate can start this professional but it is better to have a creative writing certificate and various other course in writing. You can take help of Google to find institutions offering these services like IGNOU. 

CT: Name 5 top companies in your profession ?
1. All Top IT companies requires technical writers.
2. All SEO and Development companies are in need of writers.
3. All educational Institutes are looking for writing educational stuff.
4. Mostly all industries would require some sort of content to lure and inform their customers so writers are not limited to any specific field.

CT: Please provide your contact email id or google plus, linkedin, facebook, Emails?
Email id : brahmpani@yahoo.co.uk , brahmpani@gmail.com , gudbe.com@gmail.com
Google Plus:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/102687749830490415873
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Gudbedotcom-5039982

Career Teacher Thanks Ms. Mamta Sharma for his valuable time and invaluable suggestions