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Interview with Garima Nag, An Fashion Designer By Profession

" To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail." Says World Famous Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani, Of course Fashion Designer is a profession which requires great deal of observation, Creativity and Awareness about the latest fashion trends,,  Let me not complete the list,, Because Today we have an expert to talk about " Career as a Fashion Designer " And the Expert is Ms. Garima Nag who had worked with Top Fashion Houses in India From the past 8 years. 

CT: Tell us about you in few lines?
I am a fashion designer & Merchandiser by profession . I have done a two year diploma from Inifd (International Institute of Fashion design) & later did my MBA . I started out as a Merchandiser & later got into Business development. I have worked with top export houses & various big labels catering to International market.I have worked for more than 8 years in this field & find it extremely creative & with lot of international exposure.

CT : About your profession( fashion designer) in few lines job responsibilities, lifestyle, overview etc ?
In export house , A designer/ merchandiser is involved at every stage starting from conceptualization till the dispatch of the final product . Thus you need to have sound technical knowledge as well as good communication skill. On one hand you will have to deal with foreign buyers ,suave & on the other hand you got to deal with the laymen . You will have to direct them , instruct them & above all be connected with them. This profession looks fancy from outside but it needs lot of dedication & hard work

CT: Answer the Following in a single word?
Career Growth: good
Job Satisfaction : high
Challenge: high
stress and pressure: stressful
Respect and Fame in society: high
Family life: work life balance is good

CT: Things you like about your Fashion Designer's profession ?
1. International Exposure
2. Personality development
3. Creativity
4. Fame & glamour
5. Good returns

CT: Things you don't like about Fashion Designer's profession?
1. Cut throat competition
2. Less family time

CT: Working hours, Holidays , days /week & flexibility of a Fashion Designer?
Mostly 8-10 hours on a normal day, Normal public holidays . Sunday off, Flexi-timing depends on company policies .Most companies have fixed reporting time.

CT: Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours?
I always made it a point not to take my work home . If you manage your work well then you need not to disturb your family time.In case of emergencies I just had to receive a few calls or send some mails .But that used to be far & between.

CT: Work location & Job availability in different countries for Fashion Designers?
Fashion designing jobs are in abundance in all major cities specially metros.

CT: Please explain us typically, career graph of Fashion Designer in terms of designation and pay ( 2yrs,5yrs,10 yrs, 20 yrs and 30 yrs) 
Initially you will have to start as a Fashion coordinator . You will have to either assist a senior designer or production manager depending on your field of expertise. After a 2 years experience you may start working independently .There is no fixed years to get promoted . It all comes down to your quick learning & ability to handle work & pressure .I got promoted to senior merchandiser within 3 years of working in an export house.Later on you might get promoted to production in charge , senior designer , senior merchandise manager or production manager & later you could get into senior management depending on your performance.

CT: Skills or Qualities required to become a Fashion Designer / Merchandiser?
You must do diploma/degree course from a reputed institution. You must have creative mind & pleasing personality to deal with your customers & buyers. Computer knowledge is a must . You should have knowledge of the latest designing software.

CT: Your suggestion to aspirants who want to take up career as a Fashion Designer, what they need to sacrifice and what they get
My only & most important suggestion to all aspirants is to keep a clear vision & equip yourself with latest know-how. Its a field where you are going to learn a new thing or deal with a new problem every day . Keep your mind open & soak as much as possible .

CT: How to get into your profession educational qualification, no of years experience, certifications required if any and colleges or institutes which offer the certification
There are many designing institutions in India & abroad like
1. National institute of fashion technology
2. National institute of fashion designing
3. Pearl academy
You can choose from any one of them . They offer short term diploma course or full fledged degree courses.There are various streams you can chose from . You must check carefully before enrolling for any course . Think about your career plans & area of interest . These institutes provide career counselling . It good to talk to a professional before taking a decision.

CT: Name 5 top companies in your profession?
It depends on the city you are working in .

CT: Please provide your contact Details?

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