Saturday, September 14, 2013

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Like Hacking, Then why dont you choose Ethical Hacking as a Career?

Is hacking your hobby,, like hacking a friends email or Facebook account of the girl you like! do it for fun ,, why will you do it for fun if you get paid to hack, yeah yes, Ethical Hackers are employed by top employers to protect their sensitive and confidential information from getting hacked,, You may have come across,, a news recently that some one had hacked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's wall (Facebook was rewarding people who finds bugs in their system). So keeping in view the the threats to privacy and security Most of the companies are employing Ehitcal Hackers. 

If we come to definition of Ethical Hacker ,," Ethical Hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owners " As per a article published on TOI, India requires 77000 Ethical Hackers per year where as we are producing only 15000 a year, that means a huge gap to fill. Average pay of Ethical Hacker with one year of experience on an average is 5lakhs /annum 

The profession Ethical Hacker is very challenging and interesting needs yourselves to update on the latest advances in information security, new softwares and cyber crimes happening around. Good command on programming languages, Networking and Operating systems is required.

If you are keen to know about Life of a Ethical Hacker, then you must go through this video interview with Ruben Martin Mondejar at the end of the article (#*)

While we talk about Ethical Hacking and do not talk about Ankit Fadia (27year old from India) World's renowned Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Expert , who wrote the book " Unofficial guide to Ethical Hacking " at the age of 14 which sold more than million copies, Ankit Fadia had also hosted a Show on MTV " What The Hack "

Video Explaining about Job Opportunities in Ethical Hacking

Interested consider Ethical Hacking as a Career, Then you can target for a job at TCS, Infosys, Accenture and Wipro etc,, and  you must checkout the following resources to get certified as a Ethical Hacker, Certifications from Ecouncil are the most famous one, But some of the courses offered by Ecouncil require minimum experience.  you can check put more details about ethical hacker certifications  here --  and

 #*A day in Life of a Ethical Hacker - video interview )

All the best For your Career. !!!