Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Interview with Mr. Sanjeev Kumar who works as a RIG MEDIC

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar is working in Kuwait as a RIG Medic, He has academically completed Post Graduation in Physiotheraphy. So it is good opportunity for career teacher to introduce him to you all, And I am sure his interview will help newbie medicos and Students who are planning to choose their career as RIG Medic, There are plenty of job opportunities in Middle East, Go through the small interview CT had with Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 

CT: Tell Us About You?
I am Puli Samuel sanjeev Kumar have completed  my Post graduation in Physiotherapy and at present, I am working as a rig medic in kuwait. 

CT: About Your Profession (RIG MEDIC) in Few Lines
My job deals mostly with the first aid treatment for the employees working on oil rigs.

CT:  On a scale of 1-5, how do you rate the following
1. Career Growth - 4
2. Job Nature - 4
3. Job Satisfaction - 4
4. Challenge - 2
5. Respect and Fame -4

CT: Tell us about working hours of a RIG MEDIC ?
I work for 56 days continuously and come on leave to my home country for 28 days. During the period of my job I have to work for 12 hours a day 

CT : DO you engage in Work related activities after working hours?

CT: Things you like about Being a RIG MEDIC?
*Main thing is that we get satisfied with the job we do.
*Its not strenuous and is a cool job
*We get a good pay along with accommodation and food by the company.
*Overseas job experience with a chance to get into Safety management 

CT: Things you don't like about being a RIG MEDIC?
Need to stay away from family for 2 months.

CT: Work Location and Job Availability in Different Countries?
Job availability mostly in middle east countries

CT: Please explain us typically,how career graph of a RIG MEDIC?
Working in the same profession as Rig medic may not be any change in the designation although you might get a increment in your salaries. We need to get experience on the Oil rigs for the first 2-3 years than have to complete same safety related courses like OSHA/NASP/NEBOSH and then work as a Safety officer

CT: Skills or qualities required to become a RIG MEDIC?
1) Need to have a good knowledge on the medical conditions and their treatment
2) Should be a certified in BLS (Basic Life support) and ACLS (Advanced cardiac life support)

CT:Your suggestion to aspirants,who want to be a RIG MEDIC?
I would suggest this job to the ones who are interested in working overseas and to the who ones who like to take safety management as their careers 

CT:How to become a RIG MEDIC ?
1) 4 years medical related bachelor courses
2) Need 2-3 years of experience 
3) Should be certified in BLS and ACLS

CT: Name 5 top companies who Offers jobs for Physiotherapist?
1) Saudi Aramco 
2) KDC
3) WeatherFord
5) Dalma Energy

Career Teacher Thanks Mr. P.Samuel Sanjeev Kumar for his valuable time and Suggestions