Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Mr Gangadhar shares ups and downs of being a Software Applications Engineer

Gangadhar Ginne is presently working in USA with a Software Company as an Applications Software Engineer . He has been working in this Field from the past 7 years, So we thought it would be useful to publish his interview to share his expertise about the profession Software Applications Engineer, please go through this small interview we had over a cup of coffee

CT: Tell Us About You?
This is Gangadhar Ginne , I am a Computer Science Engineering Graduate. working as a Applications Software Engineer with a Software Company located at USA.

CT: About Your Profession (Applications Software Engineer) in Few Lines
Software engineer career can take two very different paths. The most common is a Applications Software Engineer(this is what I do). Applications engineers are responsible for creating, developing and maintain both basic computer applications and specialized utility programs and they must begin by determining the users specific needs and then developing the program to fit those specific needs. The second path, instead of designing programs that work on specific functions, Systems Software Engineers design, develop and maintain the operating systems that allow the user to communicate with the computers hardware in a way that it can understand. If you are not interested in software engineering or weak in algorithms and programming languages, do not worry Software Engineering is not only the career in IT industries, there are wide variety of roles...for example..test engineers, database programmers and administrators, network administrators, sales, functional and business roles or experience in ERP tools like People Soft and SAP...pick the one that interests you.

CT:  On a scale of 1-5, how do you rate the following

1. Career Growth - 5
2. Job Nature - 4
3. Job Satisfaction - 4
4. Challenge - 4
5. Respect and Fame -4

CT: Tell us about working hours of a Applications Software Engineer ?
5 working days for a week and hours are flexible in most IT companies but my observation is that Indian companies encourage and sometimes force employees to work more than 8 hours while it is not the case in most other countries.

CT :DO you engage in Work related activities after working hours?
Sometimes, but only out of my own desire to do so.

CT: Things you like about Being a Applications Software Engineer?
High pay, Low stress and Little physical exertion

CT: Things you don't like about being a Applications Software Engineer?
You get bore often...
some mental pressure...
it is not a public serving...
you do not see new people daily....less time for socialize...

CT: Work Location and Job Availability in Different Countries?
Pretty decent.

CT: Please explain us typically,how career graph of a Applications Software Engineer?
This varies and is not predictable, it all depends on the thirst with which you want to climb the success ladder

CT: Skills or qualities required to become a Applications Software Engineer?
Education requirement is Bachelors or Masters in Engineering, Along with knowledge and experience in It technologies...Good communication puts you in top..

CT:Your suggestion to aspirants,who want to be a Applications Software Engineer?
Do not settle where you are...keep looking for new opportunities once in a while.. and keep up to date with technologies...keep learning..!

CT:How to become a Applications Software Engineer ?
Education qualification is Bachelors or Masters in Engineering, Even you are not graduated in engineering do not worry get the training on software engineering and related technologies...increase your network and find some reference to place you in a job.

CT: Name 5 top companies who Offers jobs for Applications Software Engineer?
Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo and Net App.

Career Teacher Thanks Mr. Gangadhar Ginne for his valuable time and Suggestions