Saturday, July 6, 2013

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Most Useful Educational Websites Part 1

Internet was merely seen as a online library once upon a time, but lately so many service industries started to appear on internet and lately education has also gone online with online classes and Academic programmes just you may do online. 

Here in this post we are listing some most useful educational websites which teach you world class education just online and free. You will be amazed to see such websites do exist , but we were not able to trace them online. 

Khan Academy (  )

Khan Academy is a non profit organization, You can find thousands of video tutorials explaining concepts of physics, arthematics, history and finance etc. The videos are very simple to understand and highly illustrative, so at khan academy they make learning a fun habit. if you are student pursuing your 10 th class or 12 th you may find this website highly helpful.

Wonderful Engineering

Wonderful engineering is a womderful website which talks about upcoming technological wonders, I am surprised to see so many interesting and never before seen articles on their website like  -- "LiFx bulb which can be operated and controlled with a password using WiFi." people who are interested in robotics or technology will love this website.


If you like to improve your English speaking skills, then you should visit this web page of BBC, where English learning is made so easy and practical with live examples. 

Alison ( is a free online resource, where you can learn any subject literally, They offer free courses and even certify, but please do note that to get a certificate you will be charged, If you don't need a certificate you can learn the course completely free just by registering on, Candidates who opt for free education can download a learning record from the site.
There are thousands of languages in the world, And you are a Language Enthusiast ! Then you may like to checkout Livemocha, A online community which offers courses in 38 languages. You need to register and can learn through live classes also !

Coursera ( )

Coursera is also a Online community which offers Free Online Courses which are authorised by World Class Universities See what coursera has to say about itself Choose from 300+ courses in over 20 categories created by 62 Universities from 16 countries " This website is a proven resource I also have few reference who liked the courses which are offered by Coursera