Saturday, June 29, 2013

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10 Common Interview Questions, How to answer them ?

Whatever might be your domain and career, there are few interview questions which are most commonly asked? If you are prepared to answer these interview questions, you may be more comfortable tackling the job interview.

In this article we are going to explain you the most common interview questions and why the interviewer is asking the question (the motive behind asking the question and what answer the interviewer is expecting from you ? Come let us prepare 

1. Tell us about yourselves ?
This question is the most frequently asked interview question, the motive behind asking this question is , Employer wants to know if you are the right candidate for this job, i.e suitability of your candidature for the job, For this you need to keep in mind the following points before you answer this question
  • ensure to match your experience with eligibility criteria of the job you have applied for
  • Talk about your achievements in the domain of the job you have applied for
  • Ensure you don't talk about something which you are not good at, because interviewer can create questions from your answers

2. What are your Strengths?
This question seems to be a very easy one, but understand if you applied for a marketing job you cannot tell being conservative as your strength,, isn't it. So it is important that you should be aware of the character traits which are a prime requirement of the job. 

  • mention the strengths which are highly helpful for the job, liking adventure and travel can be helpful if you are applying for a journalist job
  • But remember sometimes strengths can become weaknesses, Like wise You are more people focused and your job requires not to care for the emotions of the people.
3. What are your greatest weaknesses ?
This is the most dangerous question and it is most commonly used by interviewers to eliminate the candidate. So don't admit any weakness, instead tell your strength as a weakness like " I like taking risks " or " I push my people sometimes more " .

If at all you admit a weakness, male sure that weakness will not be a deciding factor to appoint you or not !!

4. Why do you want to leave your existing job?
This is also amongst the most commonly asked interview questions and often asked even before you face the interview by the job consultancies too, But understand this is not the time you say " I don't like my boss" , " My company is not transparent ", " Lot of partiality in my company " etc. because this type of excuses will ignite the question will you serve the company for a longer time? 

Best way is to talk about career growth, or your passion to work for this new company, new industry or the new job responsibilities which you are passionate about . 

5. Why should we hire you?
Please note that this is to check if you understand what are the key requirements for the job you have applied and If you really have the credentials and qualities required to suit the new job profile. 

Be prepared to answer this question, You may convince the interviewer by providing examples and substantial data which supports what you are saying. 

List of this questions is more longer than what you are anticipating, so stay tuned we will soon come to you with 10 Common Interview Questions part 2