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Interview With Sunil Velaga, Who Works as a Asset Manager With an Australian MNC

Sunil Velaga is one of my good friends and my school mate, He is working with CHEP India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai which deals with packaging Equipment in Automotive and FMCG Industries. He is Heading the Asset Management and Customer Services Division, If you are targeting to become an Asset Manager, Advice and expertise shared by Mr. Sunil Velaga will be of good help to you, go through and good luck  

CT: Tell Us About You?
This is Sunil Velaga . I am a Mechanical Engineer converted into a Management grad. I am working for CHEP India Pvt Ltd - an Australian MNC which deals with pooling of returnable packaging equipment in Automotive and FMCG industries.
I head the Asset Management & Customer Service division, based out of our HQ in Mumbai.

CT: About Your Profession (Asset Manager) in Few Lines
Its a complete gear change when compared to my earlier professions. This role provides me an opportunity to interact with the end consumers and help them analyze their Supply Chains and provide information on where they can reduce their costs.My role is significant in the sense that my team handles about 24 million equipment transactions per annum and the capex involved in the equipment is over 200 crore INR

CT:  On a scale of 1-5, how do you rate the following
1. Career Growth - 4
2. Job Nature - 3
3. Job Satisfaction - 4
4. Challenge - 4
5. Respect and Fame -4

CT: Tell us about working hours of a Asset Manager ?
I am in the office by 8am and try to exit the office by 5:30 pm about 90% of time.We work 5 days a week.

CT: Things you like about Being a Asset Manager?
It gives me enough time to develop myself professionally and personally as well. A great MNC culture that helps us to build our career in the right path.The open nature and flat organisation structure helps vetting out any new ideas freely.

CT: Things you don't like about being a Asset Manager?
Tough to note down anything, but probably the growth opportunities get thinner as time goes on.

CT: Work Location and Job Availability in Different Countries?
CHEP is available in 48 countries and we can move anywhere if we fit into the role. Of course the cultural barriers do always exist and we need to find a way to negate the same.
CT: Do you engage yourself in job related work even after working hours ?
 Hardly ever

CT: Please explain us typically,how career graph of a Asset Manager?

2yrs - Should be heading the vertical for both FMCG and Auto divisions

5 yrs - Aspiring to head a function and be responsible for its P&L.

10 yrs - Aiming to be in a very senior position taking responsibility for several functions across the board.

20 yrs - Wanna head an organisation or lead my own business.

CT: Skills or qualities required to become a Asset Manager?
Ability to manage manpower and deal complexities in business with patience and coolness.Need to work on ability to look at any decision from various perspectives and how it will impact various functions at the same time.

CT:Your suggestion to aspirants,who want to be a Asset Manager?
Keep working on your strengths, but do not ignore your weaknesses.If you overlook them right now, you are never gonna be daring enough to accept higher responsibilities.We never know which skill will be required in our career. Its better to possess handful of them.

Listen to your heart and mind, but do not forget that the guts in your stomach is equally important to achieve what you want to in life.

CT:How to become a Asset Manager ?
The best route is an MBA degree.More than anything, it equips you with the ability to overlook all functions with an unbiased mind.I always suggest go for an MBA after at least 3 yrs of work experience.

CT: Name 5 top companies who Offers jobs for Asset Manager?
CHEP India Pvt Ltd
Many other Supply Chain/ Operations consultancies.

Career Teacher Thanks Mr. Sunil Velaga for his valuable time and Suggestions