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Venkata E Adari shares His Opinions about being a java front end developer

Are you Aspiring to become a Java Front End Developer, want to know ifs and buts of this profession, Have doubts regarding its career path, Career Growth and Skill set required ? You may go through a interview, Career Teacher Had With Venkata E Adari (Java Front End Developer - American Airlines, USA)

Venkata E Adari is working as a Java/ J2EE Consultant for a American Airlines Inc, USA. He has completed his Msc. in Computer science he is working since last 9 years ,He has also worked with AT&T and USAA in the past . He is currently living in USA, Eswar shares his opinions about his profession with Career Teacher

CT: Tell Us About You?
EA: I am working as Java/J2EE Consultant, for American Airlines Inc company, USA

CT: About Your Profession in Few Lines
EA: I am a Java front end developer. My responsibilities include converting images from our web designers to web pages. I work for web site. I deal with CSS, HTML and Java Script, JSP, Java etc.

CT:  On a scale of 1-5, how do you rate the following
1. Career Growth - 3
2. Job Nature - 4
3. Job Satisfaction - 4
4. Challenge - 4
5. Respect and Fame -5

CT: Tell us about working hours of a Java front end developer?
EA: 8 hrs is the normal work schedule, As it is IT department, May need to extend your hand if there is any scope creed or above and beyond situation.

CT: Advantages of Being a Java front end developer
EA: Everybody can see web pages designed by us, Look and feel of web pages can keep you motivated, Immediate result to your skill.

CT: Disadvantages of being a Java front end developer
It involves lot of co-ordination with other team members.
Pay would be less in this role. Job opportunities are be less.

CT: Work Location and Job Availability in Different Countries?
EA : You may work in any country

CT: Do you engage yourself in job related work even after working hours ?
EA: Not really though. But, you can work part-time, You can do Freelancing.

CT: Please explain us typically,how career graph of a Java front end developer will be ?
Designation will remain same unless you take another role. Not much difference in pay as years passes on.

CT: Skills or qualities required to become a Java front end developer?
EA: Interest to learn new technologies is very important, Latest versions CSS, HTML, JS(Jquery, YUI & Angular JS) and Java are mandatory

CT:Your suggestion to aspirants,who want to be a Java front end developer?
EA: Choose to be a Java Front End Developer, If you are creative and ready to adopt to New Technologies 

CT:How to become a Java front end developer ?
EA: Engineering degree or MCA is almost a must

CT: Name 5 top companies who Offers jobs for Java front end developer ?
EA: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo .

Career Teacher Thanks Mr.Eswar Adari for his valuable time and Suggestions