Monday, April 1, 2013

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Free Career Test for College Students

While coming to choosing a career, we all try to choose something which is safe or just like to see what others are doing and follow them, But let us question ourselves, Are we doing the right thing? This question is really important because a proper career choice can make master blasters, Narayana Murthys and Abdul Kalams out of us and in fact there are many career tools, One among those tools is Career Test which can help you know which career will suit you the best

Career Tests are designed to make the student or Aspirant know about his / her personality and some good career tests even suggest different Professions which can suit the candidate. So you will be able to choose a career which is meant for you. There are both free and paid career tests online which you may try, One among those free career tests which looks reliable is 123test


123 career test is interactive test which will offer you questions in the form of pictures in each screen and you are supposed to pick up one thing you like doing and one thing you don't like doing, After a few sets of questions, your personality type and the professions that suit your skill set  are suggested, one more thing to note is this 123test is free

The importance of these type of career tests is that, they will help you discover yourselves and helps you to make a good career choice, it is always important to discover yourselves and also know about the profession your choosing microscopically.

There are Few more more websites which offer free career tests

  1. BBC Career Test
  2. Map My Talent
  3. Similar minds
  4. Career test
Above are few career tests which give you insights about your personality and the professions that are suggested to you, I recommend taking one or more to have a clear picture of what you are and what can you do ?

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Career tests are one such career tool which have a vital role to play, few other paid Career tests are also there on the internet which may give you more accurate result.