Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Recruiter Shares his Opinions about His Profession

One of my Friend Mr.Nagi Reddy is working as a Senior Recruiting Specialist for a leading MNC in Hyderabad, His job is really challenging as well as rewarding, As Recruiting Specialist he has a vital role in the recruiting process. As he enjoys his job He shares his opinions about the profession, Go through the small chit chat we had over a cup of tea

CT: Tell Us About You?
NR: Well, I am a Senior Recruiting Specialist by profession. Currently working for a leading MNC in Hyderabad.

CT: About Your Profession in Few Lines
NR: As a Recruiter, I am responsible for delivering all facets of Recruiting success in the Organization. Work with hiring managers on recruiting plans, create job descriptions, lead the creation of a recruiting and interviewing plan for each open position, efficiently and effectively fill open positions. Also I conduct a regular follow-up with managers to determine the effectiveness of recruiting plans and implementation, develop a pool of qualified candidates in advance of needs, research and recommend new sources for active and passive candidate recruiting, and build networks to find qualified passive candidates.

Further I assist in performing reference and background checks for potential employees, assist in writing and forwarding rejection letters, assist in preparing offer packages, and perform other special projects as assigned.

CT:  On a scale of 1-5, how do you rate the following
1. Career Growth - 4
2. Job Nature - 5
3. Job Satisfaction - 5
4. Challenge - 5
5. Respect and Fame -5

CT: Tell us about working hours of Recruiter
NR: Depends. Domestic Recruiters usually work between 10 am to 7 pm. While US IT Recruiters work in night shifts. I feel I get enough time for myself and my family

CT: Advantages of Being a Recruiter?
NR: You grow rapidly in this field. You develop a lot of contacts & friends both in the corporate circle and the job seeker circle. Pay and commission structure is even attractive.

CT: Disadvantages of being a Recruiter?
NR: There is nothing like I dislike about my profession.

CT: Work Location and Job Availability in Different Countries?
NR : Ample opportunities in India/USA/Dubai/Saudi. However, its a challenge if you want to relocate to Australia or Singapore to find a job as a Recruiter.

CT: Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours ?
NR: That depends on the urgency of the needs. But it does not happen often

CT: Please explain us typically,how career graph of a Recruiter will be ?
NR: Purely depends on your hunger.

CT: skills or qualities required for becoming a Recruiting Specialist ?
NR: Good communication skills, Networking skills, maintaining rapport with people, ability to pick up new things and work spontaneously, and activeness.

CT:Your suggestion to aspirants,who want to be a Recruiter ?
NR: Good Luck and welcome 

CT:How to become a Recruiting Specialist ?
NR: Any graduate or an MBA graduate with good communication skills can apply for Recruiter openings in various firms.

CT: Name 5 top companies who are into recruiting ?
NR: Microsoft, TCS, Deloitte, Infosys, and Wipro