Monday, March 18, 2013

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" Daily Labour to CEO ", Inspiring Journey of a Indian women

Do you know How difficult is to become a CEO of a Software company? Don't know ! Then let us go and ask a Daily worker ? What the hell are you talking is that your response , yeah I can understand, But there is nothing wrong in asking someone who became  CEO of a Software company having started her journey is a Agricultural Labour ! Don't be surprised I am talking about a dynamic women Jyothi Reddy who travelled the journey from "Agricultural Labour to CEO of Key Software Solutions "

Her Childhood as a Orphan though she know her parents
Jyothi Reddy was born in 1970 in a poor family as the youngest among another 4 girls and her parents were compelled to put her in a orphanage home as they lacked the ability to feed her and in order to get admission in a school, this was really pathetic situation faced by Jyothi Reddy as she could not meet her mother while she was the Orphanage. " These difficulties made her more tough and she decided to change her fate "

She spent her childhood as a orphan even though she knows her parents, But the things became more difficult when she got married to a distant relative at the age of 16, there after she supported her husband by working as a Agricultural Labourer  for Rs 5 a day, things even become more worse when she had two daughters with in 2 years of their marriage their economical condition was too bad.

Jyothi Reddy's Interview video (youtube) with Times Now (Amazing Indians)

Mean while a Opportunity came in the form of Nehru Yuva Kendra and she worked as volunteer for NYK whose responsibility was to educate youth and create awareness among them she continued her education part time and completed her BA from Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open university but the resistance from their family and society grew up, Bit she never cared for the Resistance and she want to give her children a good life.

" In an interview Jyothi Reddy says, I JUST KNOW FOLLOWING MY HEART "

Appointed as a Govt School Teacher
As a result of her studies she got a special teacher job at a Govt school two hours away from her place and she had to travel all the way and her ticket fare costed her half of her salary , so she started thinking of ways to earn more money and started selling sarees in the train to co-passengers and use to stitch petticoats in the night times, she ensured utilize every minute to make their life better

Then the real turning point came when one of the Jyothi Reddy's Distant relative who lives in USA came to india, After seeing her lifestyle and the quality of life they were enjoying, Jyothi Reddy thought why cant she make it to USA to fulfil her dreams and soon she went to hyderabad and learnt some software courses and some how managed to go to USA with a visit Visa but the things were not so easy

" I believe in never stopping till I achieve what i dreamt off "

Her Struggle in USA
Initially she could not manage to get a job and used to work at video shops and gas filling stations and also worked as a babysitter and soon her will power had showed her a job in USA when she was appointed as recruiter in CS America with the help of a relative. Mean while she had faced lot of difficulties to obtain a work visa. 

Started her own business in Phoenix, USA
Having seen the difficulties of obtaining a visa, She started a consulting business in 2011 in Phoenix, USA in the name of KEYSS, i.e Key Software Solutions which is 5Million Dollar Company 

She also likes inpiring people and if you want to follow her on facebook 
Jyothireddy facebook profile

If I ask you, Do you imagine or aim to become a CEO? Most of the times answer will be not sure, may be etc because we generally don't have the vision to think so far and go on with the "lets see what happens syndrome" .. 

why dont we all think like Jyothi Reddy !! We don't think because we are happy and comfortable where we are ?  Mostly because we all lack a long term aim and the desperateness to overcome all the pains

It is worth giving a thought atleast now, I was inspired before writing the first line of this article, Hope you are aso inspired now after reading through