Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Playing Video games is also a Profession

Are you passionate about playing video games , Are you being scolded by your parents for playing video games all the time ? Then You may want to know about a profession in which you are supposed to play the video games for hours together and report any hardware or software related bugs. Video Game Testers are hired by Companies Creating Video Games worldwide. So come let us explore Video Game Tester Profession.

Before proceeding further, Don't Think this Game Tester profession to be All work All play, This video game testers may some times have to play the same game for 50 to 100 times to find out if all the levels of the game are working properly, scoring is being done accurately and are all the hardware responding and properly giving the outcome. So the most passionate video game players also may find it boring to play the game they don't like so many times. So it is very important that Game Testers should have a lot of patience.

Skills Required
Passion for playing or developing video games, Knowledge on windows and basic computer knowledge, Ability to observe things in detail, knowledge of video game players, consoles and technologies etc, effective Communication skills providing precise details and familiarity with different gamin platforms

Educational Qualifications Required /Preferred
Most of the companies just ask for any graduation, But some of them prefer candidates having degree in computers or arts. 

Companies which recruit Video Game Testers
1) Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds game creators)
2) Ubisoft Entertainment India Pvt Ltd
3) Electronic Arts (Need for speed game creators) office in hyderabad also
4) Gameloft Software Pvt Ltd
5) Accenture
6) Global Step
7 Hewlett Packard

Starting your career as Game tester, after 3 years or so you can manage a team of game testers and soon you can workout your way into User Interface or Developing Games etc.

In this times of paying electricity bill online or buying a insurance policy online, we are all sure there are so many people crazy about playing video games, This seems Video Game testers can have great Future.