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Marine Engineer as a Profession

Did you hear about Marine Engineers, Marine Engineers are typically people working in ships who are taking care of the Engine and are responsible  for the ship to travel through the Seas seamlessly. Are you dreaming about a career in Merchant Navy, In this article we will let you travel through the life and Profession of a Marine Engineer. 

High Paying Job
Marine Engineers are on the top of the list while it comes to paying, Shipping companies pay high salaries and good facilities , They are also entitled to 6 months leave per year,i.e Mariners can work 6 months and take off for 6 months. People who want to earn money quick and get settled early in life like to choose Merchant Navy as a Profession

Working Hours 
Usual Working Hours for a Marine Engineer is 8 hours, But in urgency You are supposed to work irrespective of timings, That means you must be available 24 x 7, So it is very important you keep yourself fit and healthy because you may not get great medical assistance in mid sea.

You Can Tour The World
Whenever Ship reaches the port, They take a halt and you may be permitted to go on sight seeing. This way you get to see people of different cultures and different countries, You may even shop goods which are famous and cheaply available in that country

Family Life can be disturbed
Most of the Mariners complain about having disturbed family life as they are away from the family for long time, i.e 6 months are more. In particular married people feel it difficult to balance their family life and profession, So it is very important that your family should be really supportive and understanding if you want to become a marine engineer

Being on the Sea for long time can be disgusting
Being in the ship sometimes for as long as 3months before you take off the sea and come onto land. Because you get bored seeing water all the time and just being with in the ship. But now a days shipping companies are providing mariners with Internet facility which makes it easy for them to be in touch with their families

Some People choose Marine Engineer as a career option to earn money fast and get settled in life or invest them into real estate or do business. If you are one among those people who aspiring to choose these as a career , Let us guide you how to become a marine engineer

Desirable Qualities a Marine Engineer Should Have
Should be adaptable to different atmospheres and climatic conditions, Able to cope up with people of different cultures and should be able to control their emotions and act spontaneously.

Educational Qualifications Required
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Graduation in Mechanical Engineering is required to become a Marine Engineer who serves on the Engine side in Merchant Ships. 

If you have completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering than you can pursue Diploma in Marine Engineer  which is a 2 year course (4-5 lakhs fee) followed by a exam where in you may allowed to work with Shipping companies as trainee Marine Engineer and then you may climb the Ladder fast after you appear for exams and become a Chief Engineer who earns Rs 5-6 lakhs per month

Engineering Graduates in Mechanical stream can do a 1 year course (fee 2.5 lakhs) and after passing the Part A. He will be eligible to work as Trainee Marine Engineer ,  Shipping companies generally pay Rs 40-50k per month approximately during this period. 

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A Marine Engineer Srinivas Reddy's opinion

" This is the most hard working job i have ever seen and Also is one amongst the best paying jobs , It needs lots of patience and family support to choose marine engineering as your career"

In the words of Other Marine Engineer Tirumalesh

" Hardwork all the day, no place for emotions, no place for fear. Definitely not for weak hearts. adventurous and risky job with high pay and benefits