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Life of a Construction Engineer in India ?

If you like building Big things and are admired of making things happen, then you might be interested with career in Construction Industry, Any Project requires lots of Construction Engineers . Construction Industries are in boom in developing countries due to the expansion and development plans of Governments, it is important you know about "Life of a Construction Engineer"

Most of the construction jobs are really demanding and also have tight targets, So it is neccessary that the construction professionals are supposed to be on the toes all the time. Ability to handle pressure and take up challenges is a must. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of being a construction professional

You May Not get a Good Job Location
Majority of the larger construction projects are generally located far from the city and interior locations so you may need to travel  more to more undeveloped areas. This also mean that your family may not like staying with you because your project location may not have good schools infrastructure etc , sometimes you may not get a good mobile network and a internet connection too. Particularly if you may face more difficulties at the beginning of the project.  

It's a 7 day work week almost
Most of the construction companies and projects in India have very less declared holidays as less as 7 or 8 and you are expected to work on sundays also some times apart from this there is no such culture of second saturday off etc.  

You May have to work at heights 
Some jobs may involve working at heights, as high as 200 mtr and most of the times you may have to climb all the way up (don't expect a lift). One important thing i have to stress here is some people have phobia of heights. it is not advisable for such people. It clearly means construction engineers must be highly fit.

Its Really Challenging and Enriching
Construction Engineers job is really challenging and they got to learn things at faster pace due to fact that the a lot of equipments and different sytems are being installed at projects which you got to see, where as in tyr manufacturing company you will just know about tyres. There is a lot of scope for high learning, If you are trageting engineering design jobs in construction industry than it is advisable you work for 3-4 years in a construction project.

Stability is Less
An average work period for any construction project is 2-3 years, that means you have to shift yourselves to the next location. Problematic situation arises when your project gets finished in september and your kids education has to continue till march and your family is forced to stay back.

These are High Paying Jobs
Projects being the prime importance of the Employers and keeping in consideration a tuff lifestyle Construction companies offer good ctc packages and decent facilities to employees. In some cases Experienced Employees of specific domains are offered high compensation in order to attract them.

More Physical Activity means more health
Most of the construction jobs involve enough physical moment so that your body's fitness needs are also met , this is difficult in case of people who are in software jobs or other jobs which involve desk jobs

To conclude, Career in Construction Projects are recommended for Bachelors aged between 22-30 (unmarried) and Forced Bachelors aged above 40 years of age. Have any questions do comment below using google comment box

All Engineering Graduates have oppurtunities in Construction Industry, But they are more for Mechanical engineers, civil engineers and electrical engineers.