Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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What Career Should I Choose ?

What Career should I choose ? This is the most commonly asked question, Particularly Students who are pursuing their secondary school education are worried about their  career choice often, Yes this is the right time to think about taking a career path, Because   Most of the people are not happy with their careers as they could not choose their career path wisely. But we will help you find the answer, though the answer is not an easy one because it depends on lot of factors like what is your passion? what type of lifestyle you are dreaming of  and what are you good at , So let us see the factors You should consider Before coming to a conclusion on your Career Choice   

Know Your Skill Set, Know Yourself ?

First thing to be done before arriving at a career choice is to know your skill set and capabilities, When we observe the career graph of different people, We often see people differ from each other. People who are into professions they like and have suitable skill set grow aggressively when compared to others. More passionate you are about the profession more you will enjoy it and more easily you will see yourself climbing the success ladder

I can give you a real life example of Rajesh and Gopal, Gopal was topper of the class and Rajesh was just above 60% but was very active and good at making relationships with the new people and a very good team player, Rajesh is intelligent but calm going and likes working single and not really good at making relationships fast. Both of these guys had chosen Marketing career and after 10 years 

# Rajesh who was just a average student had become Zonal head of a MNC where as Gopal could reach a manager position reporting to  Head Marketing for Maharashtra. 

# When compared with their salaries Rajesh was drawing a salary 3 times more than Gopal

# Rajesh has become more a charming and active person enjoying his family life as well,    where as Gopal was found just dragging his life just as if " teek taak hain"

This is not the story of Gopal alone , A survey findings state that 40% of the Indians are in the wrong jobs, i.e in a job where they are not passionate leading to decrease in productivity.

So, Friends start knowing yourself before jumping onto a career option.