Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Career Options after 10 th class

It is the right time to think about your career, If you have been  pursuing your 10th class right now  or have finished your 10th grade because at this point of your education you are supposed to choose the stream like M.P.C, BI.P.C, M.E.C  and Arts, But it is important to know the opportunities  and options you will have after pursuing any of the above.

Most of the Junior Colleges in India offer streams relating to Maths, Commerce and Arts. It is very important to know yourselves (like your interests and skill set) before you choose your career, Most of the times we admire someone we know. Like one of my friend was inspired by his uncle who was a marine-Engineer by seeing some pics of the uncle in deep sea, but he had never discussed the pros and cons of being a marine engineer, So it is very important that you should know nature of the job.

Majority of the Indian Students choose M.P.C Stream 
MPC Stream is the most choosen one because of lots of opportunities, after pursuing mpc you may choose to do engineering or B.SC etc to choose a career as a Engineer who may build rockets, bridges or work at manufacturing company which manufactures house hold appliances or for a company which makes cars. Not to forget about the jobs related to making Software, i.e software engineers 

If you are good at mathematics and physics, choosing engineering will be a good option, because engineers are required to have good technical knowledge and at the same time are supposed to work in teams. this is not highly creative feild. If you want yourself to be engaged in  creative jobs, you may try out other options

BI.P.C Students are the Future Doctors
Students who aspire to become doctors generally choose BIPC, But not every one succeeds in getting a medicine seat, alternatively career as dental doctor and a physiotheraphist are also gradually getting popular in India. Bio technology is one more option which has great job oppurtunities in Pharma industries. 

But it is very important that anyone who chooses to become doctor should have lot of patience because you become accessible to patients all the time and you may have to respond to urgency while you are at a party, function or a gathering, So it becomes really a challenging role for a doctor to balance his family and work. 

MEC OR HEC , Economics for the Liberating India
Other streams which are less choosen include Maths-economics-commerce and History-economics-commerce. Students who are interested to pursue a career in Banking, Insurance, Stock Broking or any other finance related jobs may choose the economics stream. There are lots of oppurtunities in India in this field due to the economic liberation and growth.

If you are person who can play with numbers, be really accurate and spontaneous you may go for the economics stream , Cool minded people can do this type of jobs well because a small mistake in banking can lead you or your organization get closed.

ARTS for Creative Students
ARTS Stream is good for students who like to be creative and really hard working, Students who are interested to pursue a career in fashion technology, interior designing, event management, photography, animation and media can choose arts stream.

It is just not enough that you are creative, it is also required that you should love competition because creative fields involve lots of competition and pressure to meet deadlines that means it involves lots of hardwork . Balancing family and work for Arts people is really important.