Thursday, October 11, 2012

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How to Write your Resume in less than 30 minutes

In this competitive market, Getting a good job is not easy so you need to exhibit your best, Resume / CV is one of the first and foremost form of interaction between a employee and a employer, So make sure you get your CV right, Now a days Premium job sites like naukri, Monster and Times jobs are providing Resume making services and charge for them, Most of you might be aware of this, But I want to share with you a great tool which generates polished CV'S based on your inputs, Let us know more about this CV Maker

I remember when I planned to change my job a year ago, I started updating my cv and keep on editing it several no of times to get myself satisfied and to meet the industry standard, For this it really took near about 20 hrs of work and edited about 10- 15 times.

CV MAKER, Lets you Generate your Resume in less than 30 minutes

You need to just input your Basic information, Qualifications, interests, work experience references and education as prompted by the cv maker and keep on saving and have a preview and select the style you like from 5 pre defined styles, and you will be ready with a polished and professional looking cv without taking the pain of formatting and most importantly this cvmaker generates you a cv which is designed as per the present industry standards 

Keep in mind the following while preparing your resume

1) Clear Objective
2) Optimum size
3) Spellings & Grammer
4) Target your cv for the position
5) See what is the Eligibility required for the job you are looking for

That's really great! What do you say friends, Try this one and I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

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